In memory of Evgeny Golyshkin: The struggle suffered an irreparable loss

Evgeny Golyshkin

Sept. 1 — We regret to inform you that one of the founders of Borotba (Struggle), Evgeny Golyshkin, died as a result of a shell shock received during the hostilities. Evgeny was a staunch communist and participated in the anti-fascist struggle from a young age. The Komsomol and the Communist Party of Ukraine, the Lukyanovsky Antifa-Patrol, the Kotovsky Red Guard, and then Borotba – these are the stages of the political path that our comrade traveled.

Evgeny was a red skinhead and an ideological Marxist. Few could compete with him either in hand-to-hand combat or in the field of communist theory. His sense of humor and optimism always supported his comrades in the struggle, and younger comrades-in-arms envied Evgeny’s inexhaustible energy. 

We believe that the hundreds of mass protests organized by Evgeny Golyshkin will forever remain in the history of the left movement of Ukraine, and his armed struggle in the ranks of the Ukrainian Red Army, and then the 9th Regiment of the Donetsk People’s Republic Marine Corps, will go down in the history of the liberation of Donbass.

Evgeny Golyshkin (center) with fellow DPR soldiers. Photos: Borotba

Evgeny had specific party assignments, which he carried out with honor, even after a bullet wound in Mariupol and a concussion near Avdiivka. One of them was the maintenance of party information resources, so in the near future some of our platforms may be intermittent. Also, Evgeny was responsible for Borotba cells in the still-occupied territories of Ukraine, which perform an important function in our struggle.

Evgeny will forever remain in our memory as a true friend and reliable comrade. However, he is alive not only in our memory, but also in his artistic work, to which he devoted a certain period of his life, writing and performing an informal anthem of the Communist Party, as well as compositions by the “Ebalance ” music group, revealing the acute social topics of modern Ukraine.             

We express our sincere condolences to Evgeny’s father and sister, as well as to all comrades and friends who are experiencing the pain of his loss today.

However, we promise that we will continue the work to which Comrade Golyshkin devoted his whole life.

The struggle continues!

No pasaran!

Translated by Melinda Butterfield


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