Solidarity with Cuba, trans people at Queens Pride


Thousands of people gathered in the multinational immigrant neighborhood of Jackson Heights in Queens, New York, for the 25th Queens Pride Parade June 5. For the past two years the event was held virtually because of the pandemic. 

Significantly, coming during the nationwide “trans panic” aimed at dividing the working class, solidarity with trans, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming people was very visible at the march. This included a contingent carrying a massive Trans Pride flag. Parade organizers also handed out small trans flags along with rainbow flags to the crowd. 

Supporters of the Socialist Unity Party and Struggle-La Lucha marched with the NY-NJ Cuba Si Coalition contingent. The response from those lining the streets was overwhelmingly positive, with many chanting “Viva Cuba!” or running up to take photos with the coalition’s banner. 

Activists distributed leaflets for the monthly Cuba solidarity caravan calling for the end of the U.S. blockade. On June 25, New York’s caravan will be held in Jackson Heights for the first time. For info visit

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