Refuting lies about “Bucha atrocities” by Russian military

From Dmitri Kovalevich (Borotba) in Kiev, Ukraine:

The war of fakes is being escalated. Regarding the alleged atrocities in Bucha, Kiev region. The Russians left Bucha on March 30. On March 31 the Bucha’s mayor reported that the town is free. On April 2 Ukrainian police and nationalist detachments entered Bucha and there were no dead bodies on streets. On April 3 there appear pictures of dead bodies on its streets. Why exactly Bucha but not Hostomel, Irpen or Makariv – neighboring towns which the Russians also left. Because the name of Bucha resonates for English-speaking people with the term ‘butchery’.

Simultaneously the Russians receive messages about alleged Ukrainians’ atrocities. They are told via anonymous chats that exchanged Russian POWs were castrated and have fingers cut off. The Russians especially checked the released former POWs – and tell that it’s a fake, nothing of that kind happened to former POWs. The messages are evidently distributed to inspire more anger. The purpose of the fakes – to cause more real atrocities from both sides.

Russia to demand convening UN SC session over Bucha provocation again

MOSCOW, April 4. /TASS/. Russia on Monday will demand again the UN Security Council meet in session to discuss the Ukrainian military’s provocation in Bucha, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on her Telegram channel.

“Yesterday, the current UN SC president, Britain, acting in accordance with its worst traditions, once again refused to give consent to holding a Security Council meeting on Bucha. Today, Russia will demand once again the UN Security Council meet in session to discuss criminal provocations by the Ukrainian military and radicals in that city,” Zakharova said.

The Russian Defense Ministry on April 3 dismissed the Kiev regime’s charges its forces had allegedly killed civilians in the community of Bucha, the Kiev Region. The ministry recalled that Russian forces left Bucha on March 30 while faked evidence of alleged killings was presented four days later, when Ukrainian security service SBU agents arrived in the locality. The Russian Defense Ministry also said that on March 31 Bucha’s Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk said in a video address that there were no Russian soldiers in the community. Nor did he mention any locals allegedly shot on the streets.

Russian MoD Denies Killings in Bucha, Says Footage Was Staged for Western Media

TEHRAN (FNA)- Russia’s Defense Ministry rejected allegations promulgated by Kiev, claiming that Russian troops had killed civilians in the Ukrainian city of Bucha.

The ministry stated that the images and videos claiming to depict dead civilians on the streets of Bucha were staged photos and videos created specifically to distribute via the Western media, Sputnik reported.

“[These images are] yet another provocation. During the time this settlement was under the control of the Russian armed forces, not a single local resident was hurt […][This is] yet another example of providing staged material from the Kiev regime for the consumption of Western media, as it was the case with the Mariupol maternity hospital, not to mention other cities”, the ministry said.

The defense ministry stressed that Russian troops abandoned the city on March 30 and reminded the audience that the city’s mayor, Anatoly Fedoruk, confirmed this fact the next day. Furthermore, the mayor never mentioned in his March 31 that any civilians had been shot in the street with their hands tied, as claimed by Kiev.

During the whole time – right up until Sunday – that the city was under the control of Russian troops, residents of Bucha could move freely and had access to cell networks, the defense ministry stressed.

The ministry further noted that the images of the bodies on the streets emerged four days after the Russian troops left the city and immediately after the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) and the Ukrainian media arrived at the scene. The bodies which have been videoed and photographed show no signs of rigor mortis or lividity, and the blood on the wounds is fresh.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the residents of Bucha had several possibilities for leaving the city, except for from the South which was routinely shelled by Ukrainian forces who targeted, among other things, residential quarters using artillery, tanks and MLRSs.

Russian troops withdrew from Bucha after the last set of talks between Russia and Ukraine, during which Moscow announced a military de-escalation, which includes drastic reduction of military activities in the direction of Kiev. The Kremlin explained it was taking that step to ensure the safety of decision-makers in Kiev to expedite talks.

The talks are aimed at ending Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, which was launched by President Vladimir Putin on February 24 in response to a request for help from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s republics (DPR and LPR). The latter had said that there had been intensified shelling by Ukrainian armed forces and nationalist battalions in the weeks running up to the start of the operation.

The Bucha Provocation

The Bucha ‘Russian’ atrocities propaganda onslaught may have worked well in the ‘west’ but it lacks evidence that Russia had anything to do with it.

The former Indian ambassador M.K. Bhadrakumar calls it an outright fake:

An indignant Moscow has angrily demanded a United Nations Security Council meeting on Monday over the allegations of atrocities by Russian troops in areas around Kiev through the past month. Prima facie, this allegation is fake news but it can mould misperceptions by the time it gets exposed as disinformation.

Tass report says: “The Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday that the Russian Armed Forces had left Bucha, located in the Kiev region, on March 30, while “the evidence of crimes” emerged only four days later, after Ukrainian Security Service officers had arrived in the town. The ministry stressed that on March 31, the town’s Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk had confirmed in a video address that there were no Russian troops in Bucha. However, he did not say a word about civilians shot dead on the street with their hands tied behind their backs.”

Even more surprising is that within minutes of the “breaking news”, western leaders — heads of state, foreign ministers, former politicians — popped up with statements duly kept ready and only based on the videos, seconds-long videos and a clutch of photos, ready to pour accusations. No expert opinion was sought, no forensic work was done, no opportunity given to the accused to be heard.

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