Zelensky, Babi Yar and Aidar

Recently, Struggle-La Lucha published an article outlining the historic and current connections between the Ukrainian government and Nazi movements. The article also rejected the imperialist information war that frames Russia as an enemy of the Jewish people. 

Since that article’s publication just a few days ago, several reports have surfaced from Ukraine that we felt were important supplements. 

False allegations of Russian strike on Babi Yar Memorial

On March 2, Western corporate media reported that the Russian military launched a missile strike that damaged the Babi Yar Holocaust memorial in Kiev. Supposedly this memorial was damaged when Russian missiles destroyed a TV tower used by the Ukrainian government to push anti-Russia propaganda. 

While Russia did launch an attack on a Ukrainian TV tower, the Babi Yar memorial was not damaged. Reporters from Ynet News visited the site personally and discovered there wasn’t a dent in any of the structures. Ynet News is the online publication of Yedioth Ahronoth, the largest newspaper in Israel. Photographs clearly show that all statues are intact and the site remains unscathed from the military conflict.

Nonetheless, the corporate media continue to circulate Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky’s false claim that the Russian military targeted the Holocaust memorial. Truth doesn’t matter to the imperialist media. It’s as simple as that. 

Adair Battalion Soldier with Horrifying Tattoo Captured in Donbass

In the first days of March, combined Russian and Donetsk People’s Republic forces launched a successful offensive against the Ukrainian nazi Aidar Battalion. These attacks resulted in the dismantling of Aidar’s high command and the destruction of Aidar headquarters

During this offensive, DPR forces captured many Aidar Battalion soldiers. Armenian and Ukrainian independent media were able to take pictures of one soldier. On his neck and back, he had an iron eagle tattoo and the Latin term “Suum Cuique.” That term translated into German is, “Jedem Das Seine.” It roughly means, “To each what he deserves.” 

“Jedem Das Seine” was a common German Nazi slogan and actually donned the gates at Buchenwald concentration camp. Every Jew, Roma person, LGBTQ2S person, communist or anyone else who entered Buchenwald saw that slogan. 

Aidar Battalion’s commander was recently named governor of Odessa by President Zelensky. Odessa is home to one of Ukraine’s largest and most historic Jewish communities. 

These are the types of people the Western media wants the working class to support: Nazi commanders and soldiers donning concentration camp slogan tattoos. 

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