Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – September 13, 2021

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  • We won’t go back! Texas & Supreme Court attack on women must be defeated
  • Hurricane Ida blows away illusions
  • Crowd cheers removal of racist monument
  • 50 years since Attica Rebellion
  • Happy Labor Day — now drop dead
  • Never forget the Hamlet fire: Capitalist greed killed 25 workers
  • In Puerto Rico, the people’s struggle continues
  • Los Angeles protest: Peru’s will must be respected!
  • ‘Woke’ imperialism, women’s liberation and Afghanistan
  • No end in sight to U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan
  • The real story of Korean Air Lines Flight 007
  • Vietnam resists Washington’s anti-China campaign
  • Palestinan prisoners resist as Freedom Tunnel heroes seized
  • En Puerto Rico, sigue la lucha del pueblo
  • Las remesas que no llegan en Cuba

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