Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – June 14, 2021

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  • From Stonewall to Palestine, resistance is justified!
  • Unions movilize to fight Israeli apartheid
  • Indigenous peoples grieve after mass grave found at residential school
  • Juneteenth, reparations and the legacy of Tulsa
  • An open letter to President Joe Biden, as his broken promises pile up
  • Unemployed Workers Union condemns halt of federal benefits
  • Bosses lie about ‘labor shortage’ to keep wages low
  • Marx: Capitalism produces unemployment
  • Los Angeles rally declares: Black and Brown solidarity with Palestine!
  • Palestine solidarity spreads across New York metro area
  • The Million Worker March Movement in print
  • Germany must pay reparations to Africa
  • Free Alex Saab!
  • World mobilizes to send syringes to Cuba
  • Were new attacks on China created in a Trump lab?
  • Colombia’s blood on U.S. hands: National strike marches on
  • Climate change and capitalism
  • Sindicatos de Puerto Rico cierran filas contra LUMA Energy
  • Puerto Rico unions close ranks against LUMA Energy

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