Urgent call to free Turkish political prisoner Ali Osman Köse

Graphic: People’s Law Office

Freedom for Ali Osman Köse, who resisted for 37 years against violence and torture of fascism in Turkey

Ali Osman Köse is a political prisoner who fights for the freedom of the people of Turkey and the land. He was imprisoned in the struggle for an independent, democratic and socialist country and has spent 37 years of his 65 years of life in captivity. His first period of imprisonment began on Sept. 12, 1980, during the junta backed by the USA.

He lived through many repressive operations in the Turkish prisons, the most significant one being the “Return to Life Operation” which took place on Dec. 19-22, 2000, conducted against the political prisoners and the great resistance isolation regime that resulted in the massacre of 28 political prisoners.

Ali Osman Köse has been in F-Type isolation cells since 2000. This imprisonment regime has ruined his health further and he got to the point where he could not be left alone. The independent medical opinion confirms that he cannot stand up without holding onto something or being helped by someone. He cannot even walk alone, nor can he wash his clothes, nor can he shower, nor can he eat. 

Although his health has deteriorated under conditions of isolation and he was unable to walk, the Forensic Medicine Institute reported that he could remain in prison. Even though there is a 9-cm cancerous mass in his kidney and immediate treatment is being deliberately prevented.

In addition to all these very serious problems, he has problems with memory which results in not remembering when to take his medications. He has hearing, vision and blood pressure problems. That’s why he needs constant help. The prison environment further aggravates his condition. That is why we demand his immediate release due to his deteriorated health conditions.

Freedom for Ali Osman Köse!

Ali Osman Köse must be released due to his health conditions!

International solidarity is the power of the people!

Protest and calls for his immediate release can be sent to the following:

Ministry of Justice
Fax +90 312 419 33 70
Tel +90 312 417 77 70
Email info@adalet.gov.tr

Tekirdag Prison
Tel +90 850 222 07 24
Email abbtekirdag.2fcik@adalet.gov.tr

Tekirdag Namik Kemal University Hospital
Tel +90 282 250 50 00

Forensic Medicine Institute
Tel +90 212 454 1500
Email atk@adalet.gov.tr

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