Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – April 5, 2021

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  • Stop stealing Black votes
  • We want justice: Free all political prisoners!
  • Axe handles and voting rights
  • Mumia update: The new Krasner brief
  • Community defends Echo Park homeless camp against police attack
  • National and local organizations demand Kroger stop closing stores over hero pay
  • GABRIELA activist: Class analysis and anti-imperialism necessary for the women’s movement
  • Emergency rally responds to anti-Asian murders
  • Project Sunlight: Podcast on epidemic of missing and murdered Filipinas in U.S.
  • People v. Derek Chauvin opening arguments protest
  • Long live the Paris Commune!
  • Baltimore supports Bessemer Amazon workers
  • Haiti demands freedom
  • Protest marks 18th anniversary of U.S. invasion of Iraq
  • Ukraine, U.S. drum up war threats against Donbass and Russia
  • Puerto Rico: Organizaciones de base desafían al gobierno
  • Sobre el proyecto de autodeterminación de Puerto Rico
  • Protests reject genocidal U.S. blockade on Cuba

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