Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – Jan. 25, 2021

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  • Migrant caravans flee U.S.-made crisis
  • Appeal from Honduran activist
  • Build working-class solidarity
  • Organize workers and oppressed to fight the fascist movement
  • Protesters say ‘Proud Boys out of New York!’
  • ‘Honor Dr. King’s revolutionary vision’
  • Harlem remembers MLK the fighter
  • Women accounted for all jobs lost in December
  • Bronx produce workers fight for justice
  • Disbar Rudy Giuliani. Reinstate Alton Maddox!
  • Was Trump ousted from the military chain of command?
  • Trump & Pentagon in coup attempt
  • U.S.-Africom out! Justice and reparations for Somalia!
  • Condena a la fraudulenta calificación de Cuba como estado patrocinador del terrorismo
  • ‘Recordamos a Lenin como recordamos a Fidel’

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