Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – Oct. 26, 2020

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  • If the November election is stolen, occupy the streets
  • The Michigan conspiracy isn’t a joke
  • 100 years after his death, John Reed’s example still shines
  • Trump pushes voter suppression: how should revolutionaries respond?
  • Kumeyaay warriors march to Tecate border crossing on Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Indigenous Peoples Day demonstration at Malcolm X Park in Washington
  • China commits to international solidarity in vaccines
  • Protests in Indonesia fight to stop further exploitation of workers
  • Bolivia votes for socialism
  • Workers’ Party of Korea celebrates 75 years of struggle
  • Trump admits extrajudicial killing on U.S. soil — and the silence is deafening
  • Free Maher al-Akhras!
  • El Consejo de la Ciudad de Oakland-California aprueba Resolución sobre la Colaboración Médica entre Cuba y los Estados Unidos
  • Oakland, Calif., City Council passes resolution regarding Cuba and the U.S.

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