October 1, 2022

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El Huracán Fiona-Pierluisi-Luma

El pasado domingo 18 de septiembre, justo cuando el país recordaba el 5to aniversario de la devastación del Huracán María, otro huracán, Fiona arrasaba la isla. Pero estos fenómenos no tienen comparación. María fue categoría […]

  • Marxism is both a revolutionary movement against capitalism and a political theory. There are three parts to Marxism: dialectics and historical materialism; Marxist economics; class struggle. Karl Marx was a revolutionary, socialist, economist and political [...]

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The real Babyn Yar

81 years later, the Jewish community, and all those who would resist fascism, remember The U.S. and European political mainstream love to use the Holocaust. They use it to justify Zionist apartheid. They use it […]


The U.S. gets ready for war in Taiwan

In the following article, first carried in the Morning Star, Kenny Coyle details the “major reversal in U.S.-China relations”, most recently highlighted by Biden’s unequivocal declaration that the U.S. would commit its forces in the event […]

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