November 30, 2020

Revolutionary feminism

Following is a talk prepared by Lizz Toledo of Mujeres en Lucha/Women in Struggle and the Socialist Unity Party/Partido de Socialismo Unido for the Women’s Assembly at the European Forum, Nov. 24, 2020.  Watch on […]

La Lucha

Feminismo revolucionario

Queridas Compañeras: saludos revolucionarios de Mujeres en Lucha y Partido de Socialismo Unido de los EUA. Es difícil separar la lucha de las mujeres de otras luchas ya que todas las luchas están intrínsecamente conectadas […]


Black votes matter

Trump’s campaign to steal the election hasn’t stopped. It still depends on stealing Black votes. His No. 1 thug Rudy Giuliani wants the votes in Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia thrown out. [Trump backtracked on […]

Indigenous peoples

National Day of Mourning livestream

For everyone who won’t be in Plymouth, the livestream and pre-recorded content for the National Day of Mourning on November 26 will run starting at approximately 12 noon EST via these sites: the United American Indians […]

Black August: 1619-2019



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