October 27, 2020

Trump lays groundwork to steal election

The newly unleashed federal police force entered the Portland, Ore., area on Sept. 3 and assassinated anti-fascist activist and Black Lives Matter supporter Michael Reinoehl. Attorney General William Barr triumphantly announced: “Agitator removed.”  In the […]


Free Maher al-Akhras!

Oct. 23 — Close to a hundred people protested outside the apartheid Israeli Mission to the United Nations this afternoon demanding freedom for Palestinian hunger striker Maher al-Akhras. The father of six children may soon […]


Bolivia votes for socialism

Bolivia’s Movement toward Socialism (MAS) victory in the Oct. 18 election overturned a U.S.-backed coup. Eleven months ago, false charges of electoral irregularities and subsequent death threats drove MAS leader and Indigenous Bolivian President Evo […]



The population of planet Earth is at present experiencing the opening of the fifth, sixth or seventh month of the Coronavirus pandemic, as it came to be. It is generally regarded as a historic and […]

Black August: 1619-2019



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