September 30, 2020

#WeStandWithNerdeen: Take Action

As of Tuesday, September 22, WOL’s Chairperson and co-founder Nerdeen Kiswani has been under attack online by zionists who are shamelessly conflating anti-zionism and anti-semitism in an attempt to destroy her reputation and her role […]


Don’t blame Russia for Trump

Russia didn’t put Donald Trump in the White House. Large sections of the U.S. billionaire class did, with help from the FBI.  Yet most of the corporate media convicted the Russian Federation of the crime. […]

Capitalist crisis

NYC postal workers rally

Postal workers and their supporters demonstrated across the country on Aug. 25. They were protesting the attacks on the postal service by President Trump and Postmaster General DeJoy. In New York City, a protest rally […]

Capitalist crisis

“Billionaire landlords have to go!”

Aug. 20 ― Over five hundred people came to New York City’s public research library on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue this afternoon. They were determined to stop the wave of evictions that is coming. New York […]

Capitalist crisis

Wrecking the post office and the election

From Harlem to Seattle, mail boxes are being removed by orders of Trump’s handpicked postmaster general, Louis DeJoy. Trump is sabotaging the post office in an attempt to steal the 2020 presidential election.  The mail […]

Capitalist crisis

Election by coup?

With President Donald Trump ruling mainly by decree, there were many who thought his recent tweet about delaying the election meant that he intends to decree himself president for another four years. The purpose of […]


Universal collaboration is needed to end this pandemic

Cuba, battling successfully to contain COVID-19 at home, also provides medical internationalism and solidarity abroad. While Cuba dispatches the Henry Reeve Brigade to countries requesting health care assistance, Donald Trump’s administration escalates the anti-Cuba economic, […]

Around the world

No to dictator Duterte!

Sept. 22 — Activists gathered across from the United Nations headquarters in New York City this afternoon to denounce Filipino dictator Rodrigo Duterte, who had spoken to the U.N. General Assembly. Duterte has unleashed a […]

Political Prisoners

Tribute to the Attica Uprising

Video of Attica Uprising tribute If you missed the incredible program marking the anniversary of the Attica prison uprising, you have a chance to watch it on video. Featuring never seen coverage of Tom Soto, […]

Black August: 1619-2019



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