August 8, 2020
Fight racism

Reparations now!

Introduction This system thrives on hiding the value that workers create, especially when it comes to the amount of wealth created by African slave labor, essential to capitalism’s growth.  If this is allowed to continue, […]

Capitalist crisis

Brooklyn says STOP evictions!

Aug. 4 — The threat of heavy rain on account of tropical storm Isaias didn’t stop over a hundred people from rallying in front of Brooklyn’s civil court this morning at 141 Livingston Street.  People […]


#ConcertforCuba heard around the world

#ConcertforCuba, two weekends of international musical performances, explored new potentials for international cultural and political collaboration. No live music in your town? Enjoy music from the world with a global audience dancing to the same […]

LGBTQ2+ liberation



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