Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – July-August 2024

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  • NATO is the enemy
  • Baltimore’s Pride Parade makes history
  • Unmasking Maersk to defend Gaza
  • Trump attacks ‘horrible’ Milwaukee
  • Baltimore’s Key Bridge replacement: Let’s fix the name
  • UC fails twice to break UAW strike; court issues restraining order
  • The problem of elections in an undemocratic system
  • ‘Peace is union business’
  • Bloody cost of the U.S. blockade of Cuba
  • From apartheid to Palestine: Bill Proctor’s ILWU journey
  • Brace for hurricanes: In the U.S., ‘on your own’ – In Cuba, ready & united
  • Killer heat waves: Workers need action now
  • Obsession with Netanyahu
  • SoCal coalition demands ‘No U.S. weapons for Gaza genocide!’
  • U.S. complicity in Gaza genocide and military profiteering
  • U.S.-supplied missiles used in Ukrainian terror attack on Sevastopol
  • Pentagon waged an anti-vax propaganda war against China
  • Is NATO taking over the Pacific?
  • How imperialism erased Indigenous LGBTQ+ communities
  • Puerto Rican people are tired of energy privatizers
  • Venezuela calls for support against U.S. attacks on elections
  • El sangriento coste del bloqueo estadounidense a Cuba
  • El pueblo boricua se cansó de privatizadoras de energía
  • Venezuela pide apoyo contra ataques de EEUU a elecciones

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