Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – November 13, 2023

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  • Port protest stalls U.S. military supplies for Israel
  • Trans Day of Remembrance 2023
  • Capitalists behind anti-trans social media barrage
  • UAW knocks out Big Three auto companies
  • U.S. arms shipment to Israel blocked at Port of Tacoma
  • New Orleans port protest: CUT TIES WITH ISRAEL!
  • Joint statement of Palestinian resistance: ‘We hold U.S. fully responsible’
  • Hands off Rashida Tlaib!
  • Los Angeles rallies in solidarity with South Korean workers
  • The class character and political origins of Zionism
  • Millions protest worldwide against U.S.-Israeli genocide in Gaza
  • Conmemoran Levantamiento en Puerto Rico solidarizándose con la lucha Palestina
  • Puerto Rico ante la ONU en Ginebra

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