Friday’s news links – 29 July 2022

UPS workers rally in New York to protest hot working conditions CNBC

‘This Victory Is Historic’: Massachusetts Trader Joe’s Becomes First to Unionize Common Dreams

Leaked internal memo reveals Amazon’s anti-union strategies Vox

‘Hunted’: one in three people killed by US police were fleeing, data reveals Guardian

Corporate landlords used aggressive tactics to push out tenants NPR

‘It’s horrible’: Tenants face eviction over window AC units at a low-income housing complex in Newberg, Ore.

Samuel Alito Gloats About Abortion Ruling, Says Boris Johnson ‘Paid the Price’ for Condemning It Jezebel

It’s pretty weird for a Supreme Court justice to give such an overtly political speech, but I guess we’re not pretending the court is legitimate anymore.

Inside Right-Wing Plot to Unseat Rashida Tlaib—First Palestinian American Elected to U.S. Congress CovertAction

Pacific Peace Network challenges RIMPAC John Price and Satoko Oka Norimatsu , Canadian Dimension

For Indigenous Pacific Islanders, US militarism remains front and center in their fight for sovereignty and peace


A reckless and provocative visit by Pelosi to Taiwan Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating

Provoking Beijing Moon of Alabama

The U.S. is trying to push Taiwan to declare independence and to sucker China into some military reaction. It should take note of the fact that its other attempts to poke China have not ended well for its side. …

Taiwan is part of China. This is by the way also the official position of the government in Taipei. But seen from Beijing that government is only that of a Chinese province and not one that is allowed to have an independent foreign policy. Any attempt to change that will see strong resistance from Beijing, if necessary by force.

The U.S. government is currently watching as its proxy force in the Ukraine gets systematically dismantled by Russia which is destined to win that war. There is nothing that the U.S. can do about that. Any conflict around Taiwan would have a similar outcome.


Kim Jong Un Says Korean Peninsula on ‘Brink of War’ Political Wire

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has accused the US and South Korea of bringing the Korean peninsula to the ‘brink of war,’ as Seoul and Washington prepare for their first large-scale joint military exercises in four years,

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