Monday’s news links – 18 July 2022

Oakland Parents Occupy Elementary School to Prevent Its Closure Truthout

The Great Railroad Strike of 2022 Averted (So Far) After Biden Intervenes Lambert Strether

Indiana AG told to ‘cease and desist’ over doctor ABC News

The attorney for an Indiana physician who performed an abortion for a 10-year-old girl from Ohio has sent a cease and desist letter to the Indiana attorney general over “false” and “defamatory” statements made about the doctor.

Pregnant Women Can’t Get Divorced in Missouri RFT

Rochester, N.Y., police officer investigated after handcuffing on-duty EMT inside hospital

Secret Service’s January 6 text messages story has shifted several times, panel is told Guardian

Bank of America ‘botched’ unemployment payments in NJ Radio 101.5

376 Cops: New Report Shows Absurd Scale of Police Mistakes at Uvalde Shooting Yahoo

Indigenous Peoples

Native Americans fight for items looted from bodies at Wounded Knee Washington Post


A Family With Trans Daughter Leaves Texas For Better Life Time

Republicans in Congress lay groundwork for anti-transgender push NBC News

Youth transgender study shows persistence in identity after social transition WSMV

Alabama Wants To Use $400 Million In Covid Funds To Build New Prisons Jordan Uhl


The BA.5 Wave Is What COVID Normal Looks Like Atlantic

U.S. COVID hospitalizations have begun to rise again Axios

New COVID variants like BA.5 are dominating us — we can do more to prevent this Eric Topol / LA Times


Hot dry weather leads to numerous wildfires in Europe Wildfire Today

Biden fails to secure major security, oil commitments at Arab summit Reuters

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden could face prostitution charges for transporting hookers across state lines and disguising checks to them as payments for ‘medical services.’ First Son spent $30k in five months on ‘the girlfriend experience’ Daily Mail


Hunger-Striking Palestinian Prisoners in ‘Critical Condition’ Palestine Chronicle

U.S./NATO war

North Korea: Ukraine Cannot Talk About Sovereignty Orinoco Tribune

A View from Donbass: Ukraine Treated the People of this Region as Sub-humans, Making  Peace Impossible Internationalist 360°

 EU Stalls on Ukraine Aid as Fears Spike of Gas Crisis at Home Bloomberg

Russian-Hating Dream of Brzezinski Clan Nears Fulfillment as Poland Agrees to Host Permanent U.S. Base CovertAction

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