Saturday’s news links – 9 July 2022

Ending Pandemic Aid Created A Disaster The Lever

Biden’s planned anti-abortion judicial nominee ‘strong’ conservative, ex-boss wrote Reuters

A New Conservative Majority on New York’s Top Court is Upending State Law New York Focus

All of them were nominated by former Gov. Andrew Cuomo and confirmed by the state Senate.

Starbucks Union Grows to 5,000 Workers in June Matt Bruenig

UN Deletes Article Touting ‘Benefits’ of World Hunger: ‘Hungry People Are the Most Productive People’ Mediaite


‘Forever Plague’: Nikiforuk Responds to Critics The Tyree

Leverage & Interconnectedness Are Blowing Up Crypto & DeFi Wolf Street

Unfortunately, lots of people that were gullible enough to go for this, lost lots of money, and will lose lots of money. But that’s how bubbles work, that’s just how it is if you participate in that kind of craziness and don’t get out before it vanishes – and two-thirds of it has already vanished.

UK to Swap Out Top Sociopath for a Different Sociopath: Notes From the Edge of the Narrative Matrix Orinoco Tribune

‘The Situation is More than Dramatic’: Germany is Rationing Hot Water and Turning off the Lights to Reduce Natural Gas Consumption Fortune

U.S./NATO war drive

Ruins of Azov Steel Factory Display Nazi Insignia and Signs of NATO Support Sonja Van den Ende, Dutch freelance journalist

Graham, Blumenthal meet with Zelensky in Kyiv TheHill

U.S. announces another weapons shipment for Ukraine Axios

Ukrainian political elites copy Nazi Germany’s propaganda campaigns – Russian diplomats TASS

RIMPAC protest June 2022 at Kaneohe Marine Base on O’ahu. Photo: Ann Wright

US and NATO escalate tensions with Asia-Pacific [RIMPAC] war games Ann Wright

While the world’s attention is focused on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, halfway around the world in the Pacific Ocean, U.S. and NATO confrontation with China and North Korea is increasing dramatically.

New Video Shows Fuel Leak at Navy Facility that Poisoned Base Water Supply Task & Purpose


Official details pathways to reunification ECNS

The Legacy of Shinzo Abe Adam Tooze

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