Friday’s news links – 8 July 2022

Heroic Oakland community strikes and occupies elementary school to prevent closures ZNet

Mutulu Shakur Has Terminal Cancer And Less Than Six Months To Live, Organizers Are Making A Major Push For His Release NewsOne

Officer who killed Tamir Rice quits after outcry over his hiring by small town Guardian

Most Americans have concerns about being displaced by extreme weather, poll says TheHill


Widely Used Hospital Gowns Show Signs of Exposing Workers to Infection KHN

‘Headed in a bad direction’: Omicron variant may bring second-largest US Covid wave Guardian

Shipping containers sit in the BNSF Railway intermodal facility on July 28, 2021, in Cicero, Illinois.

Capitalist crisis

Corporate billionaires are wrecking the supply chain. Just look at the railroads. Real News

Commercial banks make higher profits when interest rates rise Bill Mitchell

The One Commodity That Won’t Stop Soaring OilPrice

While crude oil and other commodity prices have plunged in the past week amid growing fears of recession and less liquid markets in the summer, one commodity is bucking the trend and continuing to rise—European natural gas.

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous Australian activists fight for ancient rock art


The Death of the British Imperial State Craig Murray

U.S./NATO war drive

U.S. forces involved in at least 23 proxy wars across the world, new documents suggest MR Online

How the Pentagon uses a secretive program to wage proxy wars Al Mayadeen

Reaching the Greater New York audience with common sense on Ukraine Gilbert Doctorow

Live interviews like this are always a challenge. Inevitably you do not get across every argument you prepared in advance. In my mental review of our chat, I have one regret. Though I had requested to be asked about how the Kiev regime can be fascist when its president, Zelensky, is a Jew, I did not give the most relevant answer to that question when we spoke: namely the celebration of the SS-collaborator Bandera by the ultra-nationalists running the show through Zelensky as their front man.


U.S. accused of engaging in ‘technological terrorism’ ECNS

FBI Now Joins in China Warmongering in Bizarre Speech in London with MI5 About Taiwan, Intellectual Property Theft Yves Smith

The Next American Warzone: South China Sea Mitchell Dunkin

Biden’s Reckless New Provocation Ratchets Up Risk of Nuclear War with China CovertAction


Japan’s Kishida steps on Russian oil slick M. K. Bhadrakumar

A Feminist, Neorealist, Communist Film, and a Plain Great Movie NYTimes

“One Way or Another,” from 1974, is a class-conscious love story involving a macho worker and a well-to-do schoolteacher in Cuba.

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