Saturday’s news links – 2 July 2022

Jayland Walker

US police fatally shoot Black delivery driver over 90 times following traffic violation Peoples Dispatch

Police Are Harassing Mom Who Pulled Kids From Uvalde School Shooting, Lawyer Says HuffPost

The Uvalde mother was pulled over for a traffic stop and falsely accused of having undocumented immigrants in her car. And then a police car sat outside her home for 45 minutes and flashed its lights at her and her mother as they went for a walk.

Ohio girl, 10, among patients going to Indiana to get abortion Columbus Dispatch

The Biden-McConnell Deal to Make an Anti-Abortion Advocate a Federal Judge Is Still On Slate

TWU President: ‘Airlines Have Been Wrong About This From the Start’ Labor Press

New York judge strikes down Albany’s “good cause” eviction law WAMC

Biden is Continuing Trump’s Privatization of Medicare. Here’s What You Need to Know. Wendell Potter

Proposal to Teach Slavery as ‘Involuntary Relocation’ Sent to Texas Education Board NBC

Indigenous Peoples

The Onondaga Nation, in Unprecedented Land Back Moment, Regains 1,023 Acres of the Land From New York State Onondaga Nation


Ecuadorian Government and CONAIE Reach an Agreement Orinoco Tribune

Military-industrial complex

Both parties agree on one thing: More money for the military Gordon Adams

Oh, wait, there is one big political agreement we almost didn’t notice. Amidst all this turmoil, the Senate and House Armed Services Committees agreed by staggering majorities that we need to spend more on defense in the coming fiscal year. Not just more, but tens of billions more than the $813 billion President Biden already asked for when he sent up his budget in late March. The Senate Committee added $45 billion, by a vote of 23-3. The House committee was a piker, adding only $37 billion, by a staggering 57-1 vote, with only one dissent – Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA)

Did I tell you that both committees are chaired by Democrats? As if that mattered.

U.S./NATO war

Is Russia’s Bombing of the Mall in Kremanchuk Another False Atrocity Story Being Used to Justify Ongoing Military Intervention in Ukraine? CovertAction

Interview: James Poskett on Reframing the History of Science Undark

In “Horizons,” a historian of science highlights the crucial achievements of non-Western scientists and thinkers.

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