Wednesday’s news links – June 22, 2022

Biden loses the inflation blame game Asia Times

On April 14, Biden offered this startling claim: “What people don’t know is that 70% of the increase in inflation was the consequence of Putin’s price hike because of the impact on oil prices. Seventy percent.” This drew a laugh from the fact-checkers at the Washington Post, a pro-Biden newspaper.

Virtually all of the increase in fuel and food prices occurred before Russia invaded Ukraine last Feb. 24. The price increase that ensued from the Ukraine War, to be sure, had nothing to do with Putin’s actions—Russia did not cut oil or food production—but rather from sanctions that made Russian oil harder to sell.

Clela Rorex, clerk who broke a gay-marriage barrier, dies at 78

Colorado county clerk who just started issuing marriage licenses in 1975 to same-sex couples because it wasn’t specifically prohibited by state law. Clela Rorex, clerk who broke a gay-marriage barrier, dies at 78.

Protest on the runway: Southwest Airlines pilots line up in anger at poor staffing and long hours as airport chaos continues across the nation with 200 flight canceled today after 14,000 over the weekend Daily Mail

Tesla broke US law by not providing 60-day notice before mass layoff ars technica


This New Import Law Will Hurt U.S. Consumers Moon of Alabama

The 12 million Uighurs live predominantly in the south of China’s Xinjiang province. …

[The Chinese government] subsidized companies to move production facilities to Xinjiang. For geographic reasons these are now mostly in the northern part of Xinjiang. The government also organized large camps for vocational and language training. After people went through those they were offered jobs in the new factories where they work in exchange for normal wages.

The U.S. anti-China propaganda campaign claims that these Uighur people were forced to take up their new jobs and calls that ‘forced labor’. It is not.

Working in some industry far from home is normal in China. It is the reason why each year during the Spring Festival season 300 million people in China travel to reunite with their families.

Real forced labor is what one sees in the U.S. prison industry where prisoners have no choice but to work for a few pennies which the prison will in the end regain due to absurd prices for small necessities prisoners have to pay for.

EU Firms Find Doing Business in PRC More Costly as West Puts Screws on Xinjiang Imports Sputnik

Largest Ever US-NATO Naval War Drills in Pacific a Threat to Both Peace and Marine Life Common Dreams


Indigenous Protesters Continue To Arrive in Ecuador’s Capital City teleSUR

Ecuadorians continue to resist as national strike enters second week Peoples Dispatch

Militarized Ecuador: First Death in Protests Against Guillermo Lasso Orinoco Tribune

European Union

Europe Can Replace Russian Gas by Turning Thermostat Down a Couple Degrees, Von der Leyen Says Sputnik

U.S./NATO war drive

Interpreting The Associated Press’ Admission That Kiev Is Massively Outgunned Andrew Korybko

Instead of clinging to the discredited information warfare narrative that Kiev’s supposedly winning against Russia, the West’s perception managers are now telling the truth about how badly it’s being beat, though with the ulterior motive of generating grassroots support for more arm shipments that couldn’t possibly turn the tide in their proxy’s favor but would allow the military-industrial complex to squeeze at least a few billion dollars more out of taxpayers.

Ukraine Bans Main Opposition Party, Seizes All Its Assets Tyler Durden

Ukrainian communists pictured alive but face pressure to admit to trumped-up charges Morning Star

Alexander and Mikhail Kononovich with their lawyer.

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