Tuesday’s news links – June 21, 2022

WA police arrest man over alleged threats to Pride event, LGBTQ+ people Seattle Times

Texas city council votes to increase minimum wage for city workers to $22 per hour Fox News 

Universal Health Care Could Have Saved More Than 330,000 U.S. Lives during COVID Scientific American

Biden Taps Anti-Social Security Ideologue To Oversee Program The Lever

Biden nominated Andrew Biggs, a think tank denizen with a history of slamming Social Security, to oversee government retirement benefits for 66 million Americans.

The Fed’s Austerity Program to Reduce Wages Michael Hudson

Larry Summers Says US Needs 5% Jobless Rate for Five Years to Ease Inflation Yahoo

The Mining Industry Is Replicating The Oil Sector Crisis OilPrice

The prices of copper, cobalt, lithium, aluminum—pretty much everything that comes out of the ground—are soaring. Normally, this would motivate miners to spend more on getting these metals out of the ground. This time, however, they are taking the same cautious approach as U.S. shale drillers, and that doesn’t bode well for the energy transition.


Biggest Rail Strike in 30 Years Brings UK to Standstill Reuters

Boris Johnson plans to break rail strikes by allowing use of agency workers Guardian


Ecuador declares force majeure for oil, state of exception over protests Reuters

Ecuador Halts All OIl Operations Amid Escalating Protests OilPrice


Analysis of the French legislative election on Iran’s Press TV Gilbert Doctorow


Germany Rations Gas Amid Russian Cuts, Mandates Return To Coal For Electricity Production Tyler Durden

People take part in a demonstration over the rising cost of living, in Brussels, Belgium June 20, 2022.


Brussels at near-standstill as cost-of-living march draws 70,000 Reuters [unions said it was 80,000]

People Rally In Belgium To Protest Soaring Cost Of Fuel, Food OilPrice

More than 70,000 people rallied in Belgium’s capital Brussels on Monday in a protest against the soaring cost of guel and food, while strikes at transportation services brought the city home to many of the EU institutions to a standstill. Workers at the Brussels airport and at local transport networks went on a one-day strike, demanding the government take action against surging prices of food and fuel.

U.S./NATO war drive

OSCE Reports Reveal Ukraine Started Shelling The Donbas Nine Days Before Russia’s ‘Special Military Operation’ Kanekoa’s Newsletter

American history is replete with examples of politicians, the corporate media, and the military-industrial complex using lies, false pretenses, and propaganda to sell war to a public that would otherwise be hesitant to send their sons and daughters off to fight on foreign soil.

LPR divulges Washington’s plans to deploy NATO bases in Donbass republics TASS

Anger as Lithuania bans transit of goods to Russia exclave Kaliningrad Euronews

FSB publishes papers on participation of Latvian Nazi collaborators in mass murder of Jews TASS

Kyiv’s Forces Attacked Russian Drilling Rigs Near Crimea. Casualties Reported South Front

Ukraine Parliament Passes New Laws Seeking To Purge Russian Culture Kyle Anzalone


US building ‘asymmetric capability’ for Taiwan island pure ‘daydreaming’ Global Times

Jacobinism and the labor theory of value Paul Cockshott

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