Monday’s news links – June 20, 2022

Megan Rapinoe Discusses Historic Equal Pay Agreement, Title IX Anniversary and Transgender Sports Bans Time

Mainstream print and blog outlets are failing to fact-check misinformation wielded by Florida GOP officials in attack on trans medical care Media Matters

Federal Reserve Puts Burden of Curbing Inflation on Global Working Class Truthout

Starbucks exec at center of union fight leaves the company Seattle Times

Williams, along with CEO Howard Schultz, was the subject of complaints filed with the National Labor Relations Board that argued the company had engaged in unfair labor practices. Regional NLRB offices have received 289 petitions for union elections, and 151 stores have unionized, the agency said.

We’ve only scratched the surface of how bad the crypto crime wave has gotten Yahoo News

These are tough days for cryptocurrency investors. Values are cratering. Prominent crypto firms are faltering. And it’s coming after a massive surge of criminal fraud that has been pummeling crypto users with unknown billions of dollars in losses with little relief in sight.


China Defends Pilots After Accusation They Gave Canadians the Middle Finger Newsweek

U.S./NATO war drive

Americans imprisoned by Russia reveal corruption in the Ukrainian military Cubadebate

Kaliningrad sanctions to take effect, Lithuania says Reuters

Lithuania enforces EU sanctions on goods to Russia’s Kaliningrad Al Jazeera

Ukraine war could last for years, warns Nato chief BBC

UK should be ready ‘to fight in Europe’ – army chief RT

Western Populations Must Do More For Ukraine Even If “Costs Of Food & Fuel Are High”: NATO Chief

Here we go again: top officials in the West warning their populations against “Ukraine fatigue”, saying that ‘sacrifices’ must be made for the long-term despite the ‘high costs’ …

So it seems Western leaders who have been stoking what is now clearly a Russia-NATO proxy war in Ukraine are now increasingly content to say the quiet part out loud. And it’s not even promised to be a momentary or short-lived “cost” for citizens of Europe or America, but years-long sacrifices must be made, we are told.

Why Is The United States Still Exporting Fuel? OilPrice

As the U.S. national average price of gasoline hits $5 per gallon, higher fuel exports out of America are additionally sapping domestic fuel inventories, which are already at multi-year lows. Reduced refining capacity since the start of COVID, low inventories, and strong post-COVID demand, alongside $120 a barrel crude, have sent U.S. gasoline prices soaring over the past months to reach a record-breaking $5 a gallon on average.

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