Friday’s news links – June 17, 2022

Mississippi ‘Abortion Freedom Fighters’ To Hold Rally Ahead Of Juneteenth Weekend NewsOne

Heat wave threatens 100 million people in the US, closing schools and killing cattle. It may last another week. Business Insider

Haiti paid reparations to enslavers. So did Washington, D.C. Washington Post

The New York Times published an ambitious series last week about payments that Haiti, the first nation founded by formerly enslaved people, was forced to make for decades to the descendants of the people who had enslaved them. Those who were previously unaware of “reparations” payments made to enslavers, and their far-reaching consequences for Haiti, may be surprised to learn that something like this happened in the United States, too.

Expected reversal of Miranda requires states to step up on policing TheHill

While all eyes are focused on the recently leaked draft of the Supreme Court opinion on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which would end constitutional protections for abortion rights, a lesser-known case looks likely to erode another constitutional precedent—Miranda rights.

Attendance policies push workers at two Portland-area New Seasons stores to seek union representation OPB

Amazon held 25 mandatory anti-union meetings each day in the weeks leading up to the Staten Island union vote Business Insider

Final Declaration of the Workers’ Summit of the Americas FightBack! News


Presidential Elections in Colombia, What Media Says and the Reality Resumen

Are We Witnessing a Preventive Coup in Colombia? Orinoco Tribune


‘Calibrated’ Dishonesty: Western Media Coverage of Venezuela Sanctions FAIR


Trudeau Is Lying – Canadian Air Patrols Near China Are Not On ‘UN Mission’ Moon of Alabama

Socialist economic development – a review Michael Roberts

Central Banks Start to Diversify From US Dollars Timothy Taylor

Every time the United States uses the dominant role of the US dollar in international markets as a policy tool, via economic or financial sanctions, it gives other nations a reason to shift at least somewhat away from reliance on the US dollar as a mechanism for transactions.

Imperialist sanctions

U.S. Slaps Extra Sanctions On Iran OilPrice [appears to be aimed primarily at China-Iran ties]

Biden administration ramps up Iran sanctions Axios

Chinese Companies Willing to Replace Western Goods in Russia – Russian Trade Delegation Sputnik

Outages And Reduced Russian Flows Send European Gas Prices Soaring OilPrice

U.S./NATO war

Western media and politicians prefer to ignore the truth about civilians killed in Donetsk shelling Eva Bartlett

Say NO! to the U.S. proxy war in Ukraine Labor’s War is Here at Home! Labor Against the War

Biden tries to climb down from Ukraine ledge Asia Times

The Biden Administration faces a double disaster after its Ukraine miscalculation …

The United States economy is almost certainly in recession, while oil prices drive inflation that has cut workers’ real pay by about 6% year on year. …

The world economy is reeling from supply shocks in energy and food provoked by Western sanctions on Russia. Monetary policy can reduce inflation only by forcing consumers to stop buying, which forces retailers to liquidate inventory at lower prices and crushes demand for raw materials – a cure that is worse than the disease.

Our Man in Hollywood The Baffler

When the film version of Graham Greene’s novel The Quiet American was released in early 1958 Greene was not happy. He skipped the premieres in New York and Washington, D.C., and later called the movie “a complete travesty.” … Greene recoiled at what Mankiewicz had produced, calling it “a propaganda film for America.”

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