Friday’s news links – June 10, 2022

Another world is possible, but we have to make it so: Building a People’s Summit Peoples Dispatch

The Summit of the Americas: The Things No one Wants to Talk About. Resumen

Fast-food workers to strike across California for better working conditions LA Times

Trench Warfare in California Hospitals: Kaiser Clinicians Prepare to Strike Counterpunch

Hiding Buffalo’s History of Racism Behind a Cloak of Unity Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Tempe Police Rescued Drowning Dog Weeks Before Refusing To Save Black Man Dying In Lake NewsOne

Indigenous Peoples

US life expectancy still falling, Native Americans hardest hit

Life expectancy of Native Americans in the US dropped by a shocking 4.7 years during the COVID-19 pandemic, about 3 times that of whites and by far the most of any ethnic group, according to new research.

Inflation Storm Devastates US Households As Fuel, Power, And Food “Become Unaffordable” Tyler Durden

The Inevitable Recession Philip Marey, Rabobank


Americans keep getting reinfected with COVID-19 as new variants emerge, data shows ABC


Report Reveals Depth Of US Complicity In Saudi Massacres Of Yemeni Civilians Common Dreams

U.S./NATO war

Washington Starts Blame Game Over Defeat In Ukraine Moon of Alabama

Ukraine – The Situation (June 9) Asia Times

Severodonetsk to fall to Russian forces in coming days while ‘who lost Ukraine?’ debate starting in Washington

Business Cards of German and Canadian Government Officials Found in Abandoned Azov Battalion Headquarters in Mariupol Covert Action Magazine

Gen. Milley Details Plans to Train Ukraine on Rocket Systems Dave DeCamp

Ukrainian Official Admits She Lied About Russians Committing Mass Rape to Convince Countries to Send More Weapons

Western Foreign Policy Created Ukraine Crisis, is Creating Crisis with China NEO

Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s new investment fund deepens his ties to national security interests Vox

A few months ago, the revelation of Schmidt’s deep involvement with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy raised ethics concerns as some questioned if it was appropriate for a tech billionaire to fund a government office that advises the president on tech policy.

Now, Schmidt, who has long been a go-to liaison between the tech industry and the military, is expanding his influence over US national security by helping fund a new investment fund called America’s Frontier Fund (AFF), according to a report by the Tech Transparency Project (TTP), the research arm of the nonprofit ethics watchdog Campaign for Accountability.

Julian Assange spying case: Judge suggests CIA may have received illicitly recorded conversations El Pais

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