Wednesday’s news links – June 8, 2022

“Fight Starbucks’ Union Busting” rally and march in Seattle, Washington on April 23, 2022.

Starbucks Just Lost One of Its Most High-Profile Union Battles Vice

A Starbucks in Memphis voted decisively for a union, even after seven of its organizers were fired.

Queens Starbucks workers vote to unionize in a growing national wave Gothamist

‘This is our time’: How women are taking over the labor movement USA Today

Most workers who died of COVID in 2020 had something essential in common, study finds Miami Herald

Most working-age Americans who died of COVID-19 during the first year of the pandemic were so-called essential workers in labor, service and retail jobs that required on-site attendance and prolonged contact with others, according to a recently published study led by a University of South Florida epidemiologist.

Most of the COVID-19 workforce were women of color. What happens now as those jobs end? Chabeli Carrazana

‘They don’t care:’ Redbank Village serves eviction notices to South Portland families WGME

Manhattan landlords are rejecting single tenants who don’t make over 160k Quartz

The future of work 1 – remote working Michael Roberts

Wondering Why the Price of Natural Gas is Suddenly so Damn High? The Booming US LNG Export Industry Wolf Street

No more police

Students of color push back on calls for police in schools Yahoo

The Americas

In snub to Biden, Mexico’s president won’t attend US-hosted Summit of the Americas USA Today

‘No longer US’ backyard,’ Latin America sends united message Global Times

China urges US to respect Latin American, Caribbean countries, ‘stop bullying, hegemony’

U.S./NATO war

Some Other People’s Thoughts On The U.S. Role In The Ukraine And Europe Moon of Alabama

The war is about much more than the weapons industry. It has led to at least temporary U.S. control over Europe and its sources of energy.

Biden Works to Prolong Ukraine War Craig Murray

Ukrainian Army terror bombings MR Online

Ex-CIA Analyst: US Military Aid Not a Game Changer for Kiev, Ukraine Has Already Lost Sputnik

On Ukraine, ‘progressive’ proxy warriors spell disaster Aaron Maté 

NATO comments on nuclear guarantees for Russia RT

NATO is not inclined to give Russia any security guarantees on the deployment of nuclear weapons on the territories of its two newest prospective members, Finland and Sweden, the bloc’s Deputy Secretary-General Camille Grand has said.

Lavrov slams some NATO members’ decision not to let his plane into Serbia as unprecedented TASS

US Leads Sanctions Killing Millions to No End Jomo Kwame Sundaram and Anis Chowdhury

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