Monday’s news links – June 6, 2022

Ashley Manning and her daughter Rhiley.

‘This is our time’: How women are taking over the labor movement Chabeli Carrazana

Over the course of the pandemic, the vast majority of essential workers were women. The vast majority of those who lost their jobs in the pandemic were women. The vast majority of those who faced unstable care situations for their children and their loved ones were women.

And now the vast majority of those organizing their workplaces are women.

‘Blatant Act of War’: Workers Fight Back as Starbucks Moves to Close Unionized Shop Common Dreams

Listen to the Pilots: American Airlines Veterans Raise Alarm About a ‘System at Risk’ Labor Press

Police in the US are not legally required to protect people. Uvalde proves this. Peoples Dispatch

Debunking the Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart Mad in America


Don’t Bet on a Soft Landing Nouriel Roubini

Why cryptocurrencies must die Peoples Dispatch

Reports show scammers cashing in on crypto craze FTC

Since the start of 2021, more than 46,000 people have reported losing over $1 billion in crypto to scams – that’s about one out of every four dollars reported lost, more than any other payment method. The median individual reported loss? A whopping $2,600. The top cryptocurrencies people said they used to pay scammers were Bitcoin (70%), Tether (10%), and Ether (9%).

Ukraine volunteer fighter and US citizen Craig Lang armed by Colombia to overthrow Venezuela’s gov’t, FBI source says The Grayzone


The myth-making around Tiananmen Square Peoples Dispatch

30 years after the clashes between students and security forces in Tiananmen Square, the reportage around it continues to be skewed, simplistic and in pursuit of imperialist agenda

Moscow Monumental: How architecture transformed the Russian capital into a modern metropolis Morning Star

U.S./NATO war

War Crimes, From Nuremberg to Ukraine Ellen Taylor, Counterpunch

I was in Nuremberg during the war crimes trials which followed WWII. My father, Brig. Gen. Telford Taylor, was Chief Prosecutor during the second, American phase. …

The Nuremberg-formulated crime, the crime of conspiracy to commit a war of aggression, however, has to be laid at the feet of NATO and the US. Only eight of the original 22 Nuremberg defendants were convicted of this charge. The judgment found that there was a premeditated conspiracy to commit crimes against peace, whose goals were “the disruption of the European order as it had existed since the Treaty of Versailles”, later narrowed to “a conspiracy to wage aggressive war”.

In the present case, the often-repeated claim that Russia’s aggression was unprovoked, is preposterous. The US assertions of its rights to dominance are substantiated by an ample supply of statements

Rape Allegations Against Russian Troops In Ukraine Were Fake Moon of Alabama

“The goal is not to help Ukraine, but to fight Putin” MR Online


The Imperial Fictions Behind the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Caroline Elkins, author of “Legacy of Violence: A History of the British Empire.”

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