Tuesday’s news links – May 31, 2022

Kansas City police shoot pregnant Black woman five times despite having her hands up: witness Raw Story

German Inflation Hits 60-Year-High, ‘Worse To Come’, Says Allianz Tyler Durden

U.S. Gasoline Prices Surge To New Record High On Memorial Day OilPrice

Blackouts Looming Over Millions Of British Households OilPrice

McKinsey Poll: Most Europeans Switching to Cheaper Goods in Wake of Higher Inflation Sputnik

U.S./NATO war

Phase Three in Ukraine Consortium News

No amount of western military aid has been able to prevent Russia from achieving its military objective of liberating the entire territories of both Lugansk and Donetsk as Phase Three begins.

Ukraine Bits: Russian Artillery – Counter Attacks – New Missile Systems Moon of Alabama

After months of hyping Ukrainian victories that had never happened ‘western’ headlines now finally acknowledge the real state of the war.

Vladislav Ugolniy: Ukraine’s unity is crumbling amid serious military losses in the Donbass and Zelensky is feeling the heat RT

Eight years ago in Odessa MR Online

British media ‘whitewashing’ Ukrainian neo-Nazis, UK journalist tells RT

Empire Solves Ukraine’s Nazi Problem With A Logo Change Caitlin Johnstone

Ron Kovic and Maj. Danny Sjursen: The Great Con of American Patriotism ScheerPost.com

An Army of All-American Paramilitary Death-Squad Soloists Sandwichman

We Need “Gun Control” at the Pentagon Truthout

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“All over the world, wherever there are capitalists, freedom of the press means freedom to buy up newspapers, to buy writers, to bribe, buy and fake ‘public opinion’ for the benefit of the bourgeoisie.” — V.I. Lenin

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