Monday’s news links – May 23, 2022

Indigenous LGBTQ+ youth face difficult challenge with new laws Indian Country Today

New laws in Florida, Texas put Two-Spirit Native youth at risk

New York Is Facing a Pandemic-Fueled Home Energy Crisis, With No End in Sight Inside Climate News

More than a million households are 60 days in arrears on their energy bills, with an average of $1,427.71 in debt, and shut-offs are increasing.

Tennessee becomes 1st state to make public camping a felony NewsNation

“The big problem with this law is that it does nothing to solve homelessness. In fact, it will make the problem worse,” said Bobby Watts

UN agency denounces ‘homophobic and racist stereotypes’ in monkeypox reporting TheHill

Trump Shares Post Suggesting ‘Civil War’ HuffPost


The U.S. is in a sixth COVID wave—but it doesn’t look like it on a new CDC map Fortune

Summit of the ???

Peruvian Lawmakers Call for Inclusion of All at the Summit of the Americas Resumen

Geopolitics Takes A Back Seat As Biden Drops Sanctions On Venezuela OilPrice


Taipei’s gamble with people’s health China Daily editorial

There is no question as to how Taiwan can be accepted as a member of the WHO. It can’t. The real question is whether Taiwan is willing to participate in activities of the WHO under the one-China principle. In other words, the Taiwan authorities must acknowledge that the island is an inalienable part of China, of which the government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal representative, which is a prerequisite for it getting observer status at the World Health Assembly.

Fresh Off Russia, the U.S. Just Can’t Stop Provoking China Counterpunch

Japan turns away from post-WWII pacifism as China threat grows CNN [threat is not from China but is toward China]

Unilateral sanctions add to evidence that it’s no longer safe to hold assets in US Global Times

Yu Yongding: China’s overseas asset-liability structure needs to be adjusted to deal with new changes in the international monetary system

Regarding the U.S. practice of freezing Russian foreign exchange reserves in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Yu Yongding believes that this move has seriously damaged the credit of the United States, and the status of the U.S. dollar as an international reserve currency has been further hit hard, which also deserves China’s vigilance.

Biden says U.S. willing to use force to defend Taiwan — prompting backlash from China CNBC

U.S./NATO war

US Military Expert [Scott Ritter]: Russia to Score Major Victories in Donbass, Must Adapt to New NATO Game Sputnik

Sputnik: On 21 May, Biden signed a $40 billion military aid package to Ukraine. Could the provision of new weapons become a game-changer for Kiev?
Scott Ritter: It’s not could, it is a game changer.

Pentagon Weighs Special Forces to Guard Kyiv Embassy Wall Street Journal

Calls By Western Socialists For A Russian Retreat From Ukraine Amount To De Facto Support For NATO Aggression Cover Action Magazine

The interview with Besancenot is peppered with his usage of the throwaway term “Russian imperialism” to describe present-day Russia. NATO socialists use this term as an epithet, without the slightest scientific reference.

The Influence of Neofascist and Other Nationalist Groups in Maidan Ukraine Gordon Hahn

This soldier fought for Finland, Nazi Germany and U.S. Special Forces Washington Post


Ahead of Biden visit, Israel launches biggest eviction of Palestinians in decades Washington Post

Eyeing Russia’s neighbors, Israel’s arms industry makes multi-million profit Haaretz

Israeli Investigation Into Killing of Palestinian American Journalist Ends Before It Begins The Intercept

“All over the world, wherever there are capitalists, freedom of the press means freedom to buy up newspapers, to buy writers, to bribe, buy and fake ‘public opinion’ for the benefit of the bourgeoisie.” — V.I. Lenin

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