Monday’s news links – May 9, 2022

Victory Day!

U.S./NATO war

Poland poised to intervene militarily in Ukraine

The path from sanctions to military escalator – paved by misconceptions Alastair Crooke

It seems that the war in Ukraine is morphing — both widening, with a Moldovia-Transnistra and a Polish front opening — and deepening, with the US preparing for a long-war of Idlib-type attrition designed to weaken Russia.

Ukraine Is the New Afghanistan… For Us Ian Kummer

Biden Admits Russia Won WWII, and Other News Ian Kummer

Citing “discrepancies in content,” the German magazine Der Spiegel has removed a video showing the testimony of an evacuee from Mariupol’s ‘Azovstal’ factory, a stronghold of the neo-Nazi Azov militants and other Ukrainian fighters. The woman in the video had revealed that her family were basically being lied to, held hostage, and used as human shields by the Ukrainian militants. Another German outlet, Junge Welt, noticed the deletion on Thursday evening. According to JW, Der Spiegel published the three-minute video on Monday. It featured Natalia Usmanova, who had worked at Azovstal before the conflict and sheltered there with her husband and children.

In the recording, Usmanova tells reporters that Azov militants “kept us in the bunker” for two months and did not allow her family to leave using the humanitarian corridors established by Russian troops. “They hid behind the fact that they are supposedly concerned about our safety,” Usmanova said, according to a German translation, adding that her family was repeatedly yelled at to “Go back to the bunker!” “Ukraine has died for me as a state,” Usmanova said at the end of her testimony.

Micheal Brenner challenges the mainstream narrative of Putin and appends four of his public speeches.

Return of the King Wolfgang Streek

If there ever was a question of who is boss in Europe, NATO or the European Union, the war in Ukraine has settled it, at least for the foreseeable future. … the EU has become a subsidiary of NATO

How Putin’s invasion returned Nato to the centre stage Guardian [headlined is deliberately misworded, as NATO took center stage, pushing Putin, not the other way around]

Nato makes little attempt to hide the fact of American primacy in the alliance.

‘If I panic it will be worse.’ In Donbas, weary civilians try to cope. Christian Science Monitor [mainstream media discover Donbass]

Lockheed Martin looks to nearly double Javelin missile production CBS News

Alaska Airlines pilots to take strike vote Monday KATU


It ain’t over ’til it’s over Science

TSA Covid Infections Have Jumped 50% Since The Mask Mandate Was Lifted Forbes

SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant is as Deadly as Previous Waves After Adjusting for Vaccinations, Demographics, and Comorbidities Research Square

HOTR: Boeing moving HQ to Washington, DC, was obvious to those looking Leeham

The Department of Defense began awarding a lot of contracts to Boeing. Relief was granted this week by the Air Force and funding fixes to the remote vision system on the KC-46A tanker, a Category 1 (the highest level of concern) item on Boeing’s troubled tanker program. The Air Force secretary made it clear a few weeks ago he prefers to award Boeing a sole-source, directed contract for up to 160 more refueling tankers rather than open it to competition with Lockheed Martin-Airbus.

These moves seem designed to fund Boeing to keep it afloat while Boeing Commercial still sorts itself out from its disastrous era, which will take several more years before BCA returns to pre-MAX crisis levels. And more DOD contracts are expected soon.

Esper says he had “swat” down Trump admin ideas like military action against Venezuela, Iran Axios

Food and Decolonisation Prabhat Patnaik

“All over the world, wherever there are capitalists, freedom of the press means freedom to buy up newspapers, to buy writers, to bribe, buy and fake ‘public opinion’ for the benefit of the bourgeoisie.” — V.I. Lenin

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