Sunday’s news links – May 8, 2022

‘The Core of Copaganda Is the Symbiotic Relationship Between Press and Police’ FAIR

Railroaders quit after BNSF institutes ‘draconian’ attendance policy Star Herald

Case factory worker strike continues as union members fight for higher wages, COVID-19 protections Wisconsin Public Radio

Less immigrant labor in US contributing to price hikes AP

A former Trump advisor who’s now running for Congress bragged about supplying police with tear gas and riot-control gear to use against BLM protesters Insider

The Next Frontiers In The Lithium Boom OilPrice

Lithium has now established its position as a key part of the energy industry’s future, and the race to secure supplies of this critical metal is heating up.

Dona Concepcion Primary School Classroom. Photo: Bill Hackwell


Cubans Pull Together after Enormous Blast Rocks Old Havana Gustavo A. Maranges and Bill Hackwell


Red Hill Water Contamination Sickened Some 2,000 People, Survey Finds Honolulu Civil Beat


Iwakuni residents fight back against US military presence Peoples Dispatch

Sri Lanka president declares state of emergency amid unrest Channel News Asia


China Has ‘Financial Nuclear Bombs’ If West Levies Russia-Style Sanctions, Beijing Warns Tyler Durden

China Says NATO Expansion Has ‘Sowed the Seeds of Conflict’ Dave DeCamp

Saturday is the anniversary of the US bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

China will never forget NATO’s bombing of Chinese embassy: spokesperson Gu Liping, ECNS

Fact Sheet on the National Endowment for Democracy Zhao Li, ECNS

China lockdowns are not causing shipping chaos, say liner CEOs Hellenic Shipping News

U.S. Presses Taiwan to Buy Weapons More Suited to Win Against China NYTimes

U.S./NATO war

Ukraine: Touring an Aidar Dungeon Fergie Chambers

Biden announces new $150 million weapons package for Ukraine Reuters

Pentagon will buy Ukraine laser-guided rockets, surveillance drones Washington Post

Germany expects pro-Russia activities on May 9: report DW

Transnistria: Why might Moldova’s pro-Russian breakaway region be dragged into the Ukraine war? Euronews

What Germany’s Rearmament Means for World Peace The Progressive

The so-called Zeitenwende is Germany’s biggest rearmament since World War II and makes its military budget the third largest in the world.


Sinn Fein calls for united Ireland debate after historic election win Reuters

“All over the world, wherever there are capitalists, freedom of the press means freedom to buy up newspapers, to buy writers, to bribe, buy and fake ‘public opinion’ for the benefit of the bourgeoisie.” — V.I. Lenin

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