Sunday’s news links – May 1, 2022

Protest at city hall in New York on 28 April.

‘We can’t even buy food’: New Yorkers protest proposed rent increases Guardian

Smear campaign launched against Trevor Project as culture wars escalate LA Blade

Amazon is ending its paid COVID-19 sick leave policy for workers Business Insider

Netflix Lays Off Women Of Color As Stock Plummets The Root

Review finds MPD no-knock warrants only target minorities

The Long COVID Road Ahead Stephanie Kelton, economic adviser to Bernie Sanders

Maine governor thought Trump was having a ‘nervous breakdown’ during a call on which he complained about George Floyd protests: book Business Insider

In the June call with the governors, Trump was joined by then-Attorney General Bill Barr and then-Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Martin and Burns wrote that it was “immediately clear” to the leaders that they would be attending a meeting unlike any other.

“Savaging the racial-justice protestors around the country as ‘terrorists,’ Trump urged the governors to exact ‘retribution’ while demanding a swift return to public order,” Martin and Burns wrote. “Esper, a buttoned-down West Point graduate and former Raytheon executive, advised the governors that they should seek to ‘dominate the battlespace’ in their states. In the Rose Garden later that day, Trump threatened to deploy federal troops if the governors did not move swiftly enough.”


Stirring Tribute from Cuba to Alicia Jrapko Resumen


Kim Jong-un: North Korea Has to Preventively Deter Enemy Nuclear Threat Sputnik

U.S./NATO war

Curfew for Anniversary of Odessa Massacre That Sparked Rebellion Consortium News

Media Are Now Whitewashing Nazis They Had Previously Condemned Moon of Alabama

Is the U.S. in a proxy war with Russia? Sergey Lavrov and Lloyd Austin seem to think so AlterNet

Poland planning to occupy Western Ukraine again Voltaire Network

Germany Drops Opposition To Russian Oil Embargo OilPrice

Communist Party of Sweden opposes Nato membership Morning Star

All over the world, wherever there are capitalists, freedom of the press means freedom to buy up newspapers, to buy writers, to bribe, buy and fake ‘public opinion’ for the benefit of the bourgeoisie. (V.I. Lenin, A Letter To G. Myasnikov, August 1921, Marxists Internet Archive)

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