Friday’s news links – April 29, 2022


Recognize ALU! Amazon Labor Union

Amazon management must immediately recognize our union at JFK8 in Staten Island. We all must speak out to make them do the right thing.

Facing Protests, Amazon Makes Cell Phone Access at Warehouses Permanent Vice

The concession to warehouse workers follows the first union victory at an Amazon warehouse in US history.

Why Wendy’s is the source of unrest among US farm workers Guardian

Queens Chipotle Worker Claims She Was Fired for Leading Union Effort The City

Bias, far-right sympathies among California law enforcement going unchecked, audit finds LA Times

‘Staggering’: Watchdog Finds Medicare Advantage Plans Deny Necessary Care Jessica Corbett

The Sword & the Cross at Albright’s Funeral Sam Husseini

The late U.S. secretary of state’s association with Biden and the Clintons can be seen as a war-making, mutually absolving clique.

José Luis Cortés, a symbol of Cuban identity Granma 

José Luis Cortés, Trailblazing Cuban Bandleader, Dies at 70 NYTimes


Huawei defeats US chip ban to post record profits  Asia Times

While fueling Ukraine proxy war, NATO and EU are militarizing the Balkans Multipolarista

U.S./NATO war

Mounting evidence Canada trained Ukrainian extremists, gov’t needs to be held to account: experts CTV

The semi-official CTV News admits that the Canadian government has been supporting neo-Nazis and other far-right extremists in Ukraine. Canada has spent at least $890 million training Ukrainian forces, some of whom are fascists

The Guardian inadvertently shakes up Bucha narrative INFOBRICS

NATO’s fascist history Tim Anderson

Sweden and Finland Prepare to Join NATO Internationalist 360°

Gas Flares: Europe Has a Hissy, Flails About as Russia Imposes Gas Payment Countersanctions and Economies Already Feel Blowback Bite Yves Smith

European and US leaders are continuing to make a very poor showing of the situation they instigated with Russia. The Biden Administration decided to seize $300 billion of Russian foreign exchange reserves, overconfident that they would crater the Russian economy. Ironically, however, the sanctions greatly reduced the Russian need for foreign exchange for trade …

All over the world, wherever there are capitalists, freedom of the press means freedom to buy up newspapers, to buy writers, to bribe, buy and fake ‘public opinion’ for the benefit of the bourgeoisie. (V.I. Lenin, A Letter To G. Myasnikov, August 1921, Marxists Internet Archive)

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