Wednesday’s news links – April 27, 2022

Amazon Employees’ Victory Is Inspiring Workers at Other Retailers. Could a Walmart Union Be Next? Capital & Main

‘It’s a Really Tough Time’: Vandal Throws Rock Through Front Door of Pride Center

Bank of America sounding the alarm on collapsing freight demand Freight Waves

Biden pardons Abraham Bolden, the only Secret Service agent who sought JFK accountability

Ukraine war to cause biggest price shock in 50 years – World Bank BBC


‘It’s insanity’: Providers end Covid care for uninsured in the wake of congressional inaction Politico

Indigenous Peoples

BC Approves North Coast Gas Project Despite First Nations’ Objections The Tyee


Cuba denounces U.S. government exclusion of Cuba from preparations for Ninth Summit of the Americas Granma

Myanmar Violence: a Slow Burn US Proxy War NEO


Why an increasingly confident US is baiting Beijing over Taiwan South China Morning Post

Taking Taiwan Here Comes China

The completion of the Nordstream Two pipeline between Russia and Germany was a ‘now or never’ moment for the Pentagon. It triggered the Ukraine war. China’s planned roads, bridges, and railways to Taiwan could trigger a war there, too, though America’s odds of success are worse than they were in Ukraine: almost zero.

US won’t rule out military action if China establishes base in Solomon Islands Guardian

The poison disseminator: How US spread biological ‘poison’, ethnic division and ideological antagonism around the world Zhang Mengxu, Global Times

The “Gentlemen’s Agreement”: When TV News Won’t Identify Defense Lobbyists Matt Taibbi

TV analysts from all sorts of industries are identified by long-ago official titles, not current lobbying gigs

Gazprom will shut supplies to the Yamal pipeline to Poland because Poland will not fulfill the contract in rubles. Photo of a meter on a Gazprom pipeline, not far from Kiev.

Russia gas

Russian demand for ruble gas payments causes first shutdowns in Poland, Bulgaria DW

U.S./NATO war

U.S. intel helped Ukraine shoot down Russian plane carrying troops NBC News

Biden’s New Arms Czar for Ukraine Has a Lot of Blood on His Hands—They Are Likely to Get Even Bloodier Covert Action Magazine

What happens to weapons sent to Ukraine? The US doesn’t really know CNN

A Recap Of The War In Ukraine – by Gonzalo Lira

Surprise: Ex-general pushing for NATO troops in Ukraine has weapons industry ties Eli Clifton

US Secretary of Defense Admits the Real Strategic Goal in Ukraine: Quagmire for Russia Pressenza

V.I. Lenin: “All over the world, wherever there are capitalists, freedom of the press means freedom to buy up newspapers, to buy writers, to bribe, buy and fake ‘public opinion’ for the benefit of the bourgeoisie.”

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