Sunday’s news links – April 24, 2022

April 13, Grand Rapids, Mich.

‘We Knew It Was Coming.’ Police-Reform Advocates in Grand Rapids, Mich., Had Been Bracing for a Death Like Patrick Lyoya’s Time

All Charges Have Been Dropped Against BLM Activist Pamela Moses for Voting Error The Root

All criminal charges against Pamela Moses have been dropped after she was originally sentenced to six years in prison for attempting to register to vote in the city of Memphis.

‘Discrimination was their brand’: how Abercrombie & Fitch fell out of fashion Guardian

Soaring food prices push more Cargill family members on to world’s richest 500 list Guardian

If Wage Growth Is Driving Inflation, Why Is Workers’ Share of Income Falling? Dean Baker


Moldovan left protests law banning St. George Ribbons and other Soviet symbols Peoples Dispatch

East Timor

Jose Ramos-Horta wins East Timorese presidency, promises political stability Peoples Dispatch



US warns China about Pacific base RT

The World Is in Crisis, and That’s Good for the Economy Wall Street Journal

The new cold war, like the original, will drive a new wave of technological innovation and growth.

Ukraine war fuels a weapons gold rush — and defense contractors are already cashing in Salon

U.S./NATO war

As Western Arms Pour Into Ukraine, Zelensky Promises Victory NYTimes

Russia says it destroyed Odesa terminal where foreign weapons were stored Reuters

Ukraine: A New Consensus on Whiteness? ​​​​​​​ Ajamu Baraka

The Biden administration and corporate media cover up the existence of white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Ukraine. They are disappeared from the official narrative in order to get public buy-in for U.S. policy.

The Civil War/Proxy War in Ukraine and the Russian Offensive MR Online

Russian Defense Ministry reports drone chemical attack on Russian troops in Ukraine TASS

OSCE observers collaborated with Ukrainian military, LPR says TASS

The Moskva Riddle Strategic Culture Foundation 

Neither NATO nor Russia is telling us what really happened with the Moskva, the legendary admiral ship of the Black Sea fleet.

NATO because in theory, they know. Moscow, for its part, made it clear they are not saying anything until they can be sure what happened.

One thing is certain. If the Russian Ministry of Defense finds out that NATO did it, they will let loose all the dogs from Hell on NATO, as in “asymmetrical, lethal and fast”.

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