Friday’s news links – April 22, 2022

America Gave Up on Overtime—and It’s Costing Workers $35,451 a Year Time

If it feels like you’re working longer hours for less money than your parents or grandparents did, it’s because you probably are. Adjusted for inflation, average hourly wages have actually fallen since the early 1970s, while average hours worked have steadily climbed. American workers are increasingly underpaid, overworked, and overwhelmed.

Supreme Court denies federal disability benefits to residents of Puerto Rico CNBC

Sex, Death, and Empire: The Roots of Violence Against Asian Women Panthea Lee

The line from America’s earliest empire in the Philippines to Japan, Korea, Vietnam—and anti-Asian violence at home—is straight, clear, and written in blood.

Advocates Criticize Florida’s New Guidance for Transgender Healthcare Business Insider

Florida Republicans pass congressional map severely limiting Black voter power Guardian

Climate change

The Energy Transition Has A Major Metal Problem OilPrice


Palestine Needs Immediate Attention to Stave off Major Food Crisis Countercurrents

Fresh Clashes At Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound AFP

Chicago rally, march: U.S. and Israel: Hands off Jerusalem! FightBack! News

IMF Loans Forcing Austerity on Crisis-Ravaged Nations Consortium News

Crisis in Ukraine shows US sanctions are “bankrupt” — Chinese Foreign Ministry TASS

The West froze Russia’s foreign reserves. Should Asia—with its even larger dollar hoard—be worried? Fortune

U.S./NATO war

Russia’s Campaign in Ukraine and the West’s Response: The End of the Beginning? Yves Smith

The Civil War/Proxy War in Ukraine and the Russian Offensive MR Online

Mystery drone: How the Air Force fast-tracked a new weapon for Ukraine Politico

Ukrainian state agency adds Ukrainian Jewish leader to list of pro-Russia ‘traitors’ Cnaan Liphshiz, JTA

Biden Announces Another $1.3 Billion In [military] Aid To Ukraine Forbes

France delivers €100 million in weapons to Ukraine Euractiv [the U.S., Britain, France and Germany have been militarizing Ukraine since 2014]

US Treasury’s Yellen Warns Boycott of Russian Energy Could Hurt Europe More Than Moscow Sputnik

Yellen Warns EU About Banning Russian Oil OilPrice

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