Tuesday’s news links – April 19, 2022

US border arrests rise to highest point in 20 years as agents detain 1 million migrants in six months The Independent

Evictions in Denver have surpassed pre-pandemic levels Denver7

Amazon must reinstate warehouse worker fired after Staten Island protest, judge rules Axios

The Monopoly On Your Mind: These 6 Companies Control 90% Of What You Read, Watch, & Hear Rebecca Strong

Trump-Appointed Judge Deemed ‘Not Qualified’ by Bar Association Voids Mask Mandate on Planes, Other Travel Rolling Stone

Indigenous Peoples

Fourth Grade Student with a History Lesson Confronts School District Fresno Alliance

Malachi Suarez, a smart, curious and articulate fourth grader at James K. Polk Elementary, wants to change the name of his school. …

What the young scholar learned about the nation’s 11th President disgusted him. He learned that Polk was responsible for starting the war with Mexico in 1846 that was strongly opposed by Congress and the general public. The spoils of that war became the future southwestern region of the United States. That war in turn nurtured conditions leading to the Civil War.

He learned that Polk was the political driving force of Manifest Destiny, a policy touted at the time as the God-given right of the United States to occupy and rule the North American landscape from coast to coast, no matter who was already living there.

And he learned that Polk was a slave owner, had slaves in the White House, and even expanded his slave holdings while President.

China takes Washington to task over America’s worsening human rights situation TASS

The inflation debate Michael Roberts

Argentina To Re-Establish Diplomatic Relations With Venezuela teleSUR



The Ouster Of Imran Khan: How Much Involvement Did the US Have in Pakistan’s Coup? MPN

Ousted Pakistani Leader, Imran Khan, Was Challenging Investment Treaties That Give Corporations Excessive Power CounterPunch

Pakistan, Afghanistan teeter toward a border war Asia Times

Spain may cut electricity to France – media RT

Madrid can’t keep prices down at home without shutting off exports to its northern neighbor, a major newspaper claims

U.S./NATO war

British Elite SAS Soldiers Are Training Troops On Ukrainian Territory Tyler Durden

Ambassador Antonov Accuses US of Stealing Russian Money After Central Bank Assets Frozen Sputnik

Where is Gonzalo Lira? Fears for YouTuber Missing in Ukraine’s Kharkov Sputnik

Chechen Leader [Ramzan Kadyrov] Says NATO Arms Shipments & Mercenaries Mean ‘Dozens of States’ Fighting Russia Sputnik

Our Case Against NATO–Africans And The Struggle Against Imperialism Abayomi Azikiwe

Ukraine is Not Just a U.S. “Proxy” War Dissident Voice

Telegram sees massive influx of audience, outshines other platforms TASS

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