Wednesday’s news links – April 13, 2022

The Amazon Labor Union’s Fight With Amazon Is Far From Over The City

The retail giant is challenging NLRB certification, and a second vote at a nearby warehouse looms ahead. That’s all before anyone sits down at the bargaining table to discuss a contract.

Nearly Half of All Warehouse Injuries in 2021 Happened at Amazon Warehouses Truthout

Starbucks Just Fired Yet Another Union Organizer Vice


Commentary: Regime change in Pakistan Rick Majumdar, FightBack! News

The USS Abraham Lincoln deploys from San Diego Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, California, U.S., January 3, 2022.


U.S. aircraft carrier deploys off Korean peninsula amid tensions with North Reuters

US elites like [Thomas] Friedman unprincipled vanguard of US public opinion war Global Times

NATO should stop trying to destabilize Asia and the whole world Zhao Lijian, Chinese FM spokesperson

U.S. urged to reflect soberly on its disgraceful role in Ukraine crisis ECNS

U.S. uses sanctions as handy tool to maintain hegemony: Chinese FM Zhao Lijian, Chinese FM spokesperson

US uses conflict in Ukraine for containing Russia — Chinese Foreign Ministry  TASS

America Keeps Eyepoking India and China for Failing to Fall into Line on Russia; Arrogance Looking More and More Like Impotence Yves Smith

Indian retailers in talks to open shops in Russia — [Economic Times] newspaper TASS

U.S./NATO war

Mariupol Theater blown up from inside — DPR Militia TASS

Putin Says Lukashenko Handed Him Documents That Expose Bucha Fake Sputnik

President Maduro Warns Western Powers Aim to Destroy Russia to Stop ‘Multipolar’ World Internationalist 360°

Chinese Foreign Ministry intensifies criticism of U.S., NATO over Ukraine Anti-bellum

NATO’s shift to Asia-Pacific: Biden trip to Japan designed to rally Asia against Russia, China Anti-bellum

Pentagon looks to vastly expand weapons for Ukraine Washington Post

The Defense Industry’s Ukraine Pundits The Lever

To explain the crisis, corporate news networks are leaning on hawkish ex-military officials — without disclosing their current defense industry ties.

US, EU sacrificing Ukraine to ‘weaken Russia’: fmr. NATO adviser Aaron Mate

Le Canada a formé des éléments d’un régiment ukrainien lié à l’extrême droite Radio-Canada. Translation: Canada trained elements of a Ukrainian regiment linked to the far right

UK military vaults upgraded to store new US nuclear weapons Guardian

NATO’s Secret Nazi Armies Asa Winstanley

Ted Galen Carpenter: McCarthyism re-emerging stronger than ever in Ukraine policy debates Responsible Statecraft

Bill Clinton re-writes history in The Atlantic James Carden

US repeatedly said Russia’s membership in NATO impossible — Kremlin on Clinton’s remarks TASS

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