Tuesday’s news links – April 12, 2022

NY Farmworker Overtime Laws Are Changing, But Only at a Snail’s Pace Indypendent

Starbucks is advertising for an in-house lawyer with experience in ‘strike contingency planning’ amid increased unionization efforts Business Insider


Are large indoor events safe? It’s impossible to know, making “personal choice” a false one. Inside Medicine

Macron and Le Pen to face off in presidential elections in France Peoples Dispatch


Venezuela Seeks Investigation by International Criminal Court (ICC) as to Whether U.S. Sanctions Constitute Crimes Against Humanity CovertAction Magazine

How US spread biological ‘poison’, ethnic division and ideological antagonism around the world Xinhua

As the Pakistani parliament gears up to elect a new prime minister to replace the freshly ousted Imran Khan, massive protests swept the nation with thousands rallying in favor of Khan and against what many have called a foreign conspiracy spearheaded by the U.S.


U.S. ousts Imran Khan but his revolutionary narrative endures MR Online

Imran Khan’s “Political Martyrdom” Has Unleashed Unprecedented Socio-Political Forces Andrew Korybko

Massive Pro-Khan Rallies Sweep Pakistan On Eve of New PM Vote Internationalist 360°

“The policy of the USA has always been to prevent Germany and Russia from cooperating more closely” Swiss Standpoint

OPEC tells EU it’s not possible to replace potential Russian oil supply loss Reuters

U.S./NATO war

US and UK conducting ‘secret war’ in Ukraine Le Figaro

NATO admits it wants ‘Ukrainians to keep dying’ to bleed Russia, not peace Ben Norton

Siding with Ukraine’s far-right, US sabotaged Zelensky’s historic mandate for peace Aaron Maté

The Reasons For And Dangers Behind The War In Ukraine Moon of Alabama

The US war over Ukraine is a phase in the West’s hybrid war on Russia Multipolarista

Mearsheimer: Russia Sees ‘Existential Threat,’ Must Win Ray McGovern

President Maduro: We’re Seeing a Western Media Dictatorship Internationalist 360º

NYTimes Dealbook repeats William Browder’s Magnitsky hoax. I ask major media “fact checkers” to deal with it. The Komisar Scoop

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