Monday’s news links – April 11, 2022

America’s homeless ranks graying as more retire on streets ABC News

Amazon Asks NLRB To Overturn Union Victory Because It Says Organizers Handed Out Marijuana To Workers Labor411

The truth about the NFL’s hiring practices keeps getting uglier Boston Globe

I’m One Of These “Extremist” Trans Rights Activists, Here Are My Demands Katy Montgomerie

Thousands protest against ‘shocking’ UK conversion therapy ban Pink News

Oklahoma state officials resist Supreme Court ruling affirming tribal authority over American Indian country The Conversation

China makes semi-secret delivery of missiles to Serbia AP

Greek workers block railroad tracks carrying NATO tanks going to Ukraine. Photo:

U.S./NATO war

Anti-imperialists Worldwide Oppose U.S./NATO Proxy War in Ukraine Fighting Words

Greek Railway Staff Refuse to Service Trains with Military Aid to Ukraine Orinoco Tribune

Kiev is Preparing Mass Murder of Civilians in Lugansk With West’s Support, Russian MoD Says Sputnik

Victoria’s Secret A Skeptic

When Colin Powell held up the sample of ‘Yellow Cake’ that proved Iraq was going to nuke us all, the MSM all got behind the narrative.

Today, the MSM is entirely rallied behind one narrative. Russia is losing in Ukraine. According to the narrative, all Ukraine needs is some gear, and this Russian loss is a done deal. For a skeptic, who still remembers the ‘Yellow Cake’, this near universal agreement on the narrative is troubling.

My first thought is to get away from the talking heads, and the expert analysis. These people were all experts on something else last week! Instead, I try to find their sources.

In reading numerous articles, I soon found a frequently used source. That source was a site called ‘The Institute for the Study of War’, or ‘ISW’. …

So who is The Institute for the Study or War? … It’s Founder and President is Dr. Kimberly Kagan. … [Kimberly Kagan] is in fact the sister-in-law of Victoria Nuland. Be sure to research Victoria Nuland if you don’t know who she is.

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