Sunday’s news links – April 10, 2022

California cities spent huge share of federal Covid relief funds on police Guardian

Records reveal that some cities gave more stimulus money to law enforcement than to health, housing and food initiatives

Food Prices Reach Highest Levels in 32 Years Orinoco Tribune 

America’s wealthiest agriculture family has gotten even richer as the Ukraine war sends food prices skyrocketing Business Insider

Averting the looming purge of people from Medicaid STAT

Up to 16 million Americans on Medicaid, the federal-state program that provides health care to low-income people, are on the verge of calamity


Harvard Law School ‘apartheid’ report leaves Israel’s defenders speechless MR Online


Over 3 Million Cluster Bombs Dropped on Yemen since 2015 Orinoco Tribune 

NATO expanding into Asia-Pacific to militarily encircle China as well as Russia Multipolarista

While it wages a proxy war on Russia in Ukraine, the US-led NATO military alliance plans to encircle China and expand into the Asia-Pacific region, collaborating with Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

NATO announces large-scale, permanent force along Russian border Anti-bellum

Nato planning full-scale force to defend its eastern borders against Russia, secretary general says Independent

Russian Oil Continues To Flow To India And China Alex Kimani, OilPrice

U.S./NATO war

The United States and Ukraine Started the War—Not Russia Richard Ochs

The Ukrainian Conflict Is a U.S./NATO Proxy War, but One Which Russia Is Poised to Win Decisively – Scott Ritter

Former NATO Military Analyst Blows the Whistle on West’s Ukraine Invasion Narrative

The U.S. proxy war in Ukraine John Bellamy Foster

Japan removes Azov Battalion neo-Nazi designation Al Mayadeen

Germany, Japan boost military alliance against Russia and China, push Asia-Pacific bloc Anti-bellum

Finland and Sweden could soon join NATO CNN

Networks covered the war in Ukraine more than the US invasion of Iraq Jim Lobe

The time ABC, CBS, and NBC spent reporting on the conflict in Eastern Europe has exceeded or equaled coverage of all other wars in the last 31 years.

Kyiv Independent Deep Dive: The West’s In-Kind Answer to Putin’s Propaganda MPN

President Maduro: West Lining Up for Big War Against Russia Orinoco Tribune

Greek government mired in controversy after Azov Battalion fighter speaks to parliament Dissident Voice

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