Thursday’s news links – April 7, 2022

Photo: @unitehere23

Unions rally for striking Alabama miners

Uninsured New Yorkers face hefty fees for COVID-19 tests at private sites following federal cuts Gothamist

‘This is where we make our stand’: Homeless New Yorkers refuse to leave at East Village camp sweep Gothamist

With Sweeps of Homeless Encampments, Liberal Cities Wage War on Poorest Residents The Intercept

Iran Is Ready To Sign The Nuclear Deal But Is Done With Negotiations OilPrice

This Hunter Biden deal in a foreign country really does look bad MSNBC

U.S./NATO war

The Pentagon says its billion-dollar deliveries of military aid to Ukraine have ‘never been done that fast’ Insider

The billions of dollars in security assistance, including weaponry, that the US has delivered to Ukraine in recent weeks have arrived at unprecedented speed, a Pentagon official said on Wednesday.

China In First Response To Bucha Killings Tells West “Avoid Unfounded Accusations” Tyler Durden

Was Alleged Russian Army Massacre of Civilians at Bucha Actually a False Flag Event Staged by Ukrainian Nazis? CovertAction Magazine

More Evidence, More Doubts About Bucha Massacre South Front

Twitter Suspends Former U.N. Weapons Inspector for Questioning Ukrainian Government Claims of War Crimes [Scott Ritter]

The Necessity of Russian Victory in Ukraine: “I Don’t Want Peace. I Want War and I Want War to Finish it’s Awful Business.”  Internationalist 360°

US Officials Admit They Made Up Ukraine ‘Chemical Weapons’ Scare for ‘Info War’ on Russia Sputnik

The Real One-World Government Conspiracy Is US Unipolar Hegemony Caitlin Johnstone

On Tuesday, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley told the House Armed Services Committee that the US needs to prepare for significant conflict with both Russia and China.

U.S. ‘Intelligence’ Says Its ‘Intelligence’ Is Bullshit Moon of Alabama

How the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement Post-WWII was Bought and Paid for by the CIA Internationalist 360°

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