Wednesday’s news links – April 6, 2022

With Sweeps of Homeless Encampments, Liberal Cities Wage War on Poorest Residents Intercept

The Army’s suicide rate in 2021 was the worst it’s been since before WWII Task & Purpose

Rich New Yorkers may have to take out own trash as doormen strike looms NY Post


Shanghai completes city-wide COVID sampling for 25 million residents in toughest Omicron battle Global Times

Matt Gaetz opposes insulin bill, suggests people lose weight instead USA Today


Mass Strikes in Peru Over Fuel & Fertilizer Costs Kawsachun News


The French election is all about imperialism. Here’s why openDemocracy

Sri Lanka

In stunning reversal, protests leave Sri Lanka’s ruling dynasty teetering Reuters

Gotabaya Rajapaksa: Sri Lanka president defies calls for his resignation BBC


NATO to target China – Stoltenberg RT

U.S./NATO war

Biden administration to send $100 million in Javelin missiles to UkraineNBC News

‘Bucha incident’ not to be used as pretext for inflaming situation: Global Times editorial. Global Times

It is regrettable that after the exposure of the “Bucha incident,” the US, the initiator of the Ukraine crisis, has not shown any signs of urging peace and promoting talks, but is ready to exacerbate the Russia-Ukraine tensions and create obstacles to the peace talks between the two sides, by increasing sanctions against Russia, providing more weapons to Ukraine, and continuously pressuring Russia in diplomacy and public opinion. In particular, Washington has indicated that it will provide a range of heavy weapons systems. The Pentagon has described the work to fulfill Ukraine’s main security assistance requests at an “unprecedented pace.” We have to say, it is very irresponsible to fan the flames at this juncture. …

It is rational to suspect that behind the indignation of the US and the West over the “Bucha incident” lies a profound double standard and a political purpose that is not single-minded. This is because over the years, the military forces of some countries have committed numerous crimes in killing civilians with impunity. According to incomplete statistics, as many as 100,000 Afghan civilians have died under US gunfire, and a significant number of them are children.

If The Pentagon Can Not Confirm The Bucha Tales, Who Can? MoA

Questions Abound About Bucha Massacre Consortium News

Staged Massacre in Bucha Misión Verdad

Global lies over Bucha: How people’s minds are manipulated War on Fakes

New witness testimony about Mariupol maternity hospital ‘airstrike’ follows pattern of Ukrainian deceptions, media malpractice Kit Klarenberg

Patrick Lawrence video shows Ukraine shelling a residential neighborhood in Donetsk

‘Gods of War’: How the US weaponized Ukraine against Russia TJ Coles

Zelensky Says Post-War Ukraine Will Be Like Israel, Won’t Be ‘Liberal, European’ Dave DeCamp

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