Friday’s news links – April 1, 2022

Most of the tulip pickers also work seasonally at the state’s largest berry grower, where they won a union contract in a four-year fight through repeated strikes. So they’re experienced at direct action, and organized themselves quickly. Photo: Edgar Franks

Trouble in the tulips: Organized farmworkers win basic demands in a quick strike David Bacon

Pro-Union Vote Leads in New York as Amazon Workers Look to Make History Common Dreams

Amazon hired an influential Democratic pollster to fight Staten Island union drive CNBC

Over 700 Providence nurses rally in show of unity NW Labor Press

Where’d Hochul get the Buffalo Bills stadium money? NY forces $564M in casino payments Democrat & Chronicle

And [Seneca Nation President Matthew] Pagels didn’t stop there. He also took aim at Bill Hochul, the governor’s husband, who is senior vice president and general counsel for Delaware North, which runs concessions at the Bills’ current home, Highmark Stadium, in Orchard Park, New York.

Delaware North could reap big dividends if the Buffalo business keeps feeding Bills fans in the new stadium.

“I’m sure that was welcome news to the governor’s husband, whose company not only operates video lottery terminals within the Seneca Nation’s supposed gaming exclusivity zone with the state’s blessing, but the company will also make millions of dollars in concession business inside the state-owned stadium. And it’s being paid for on the backs of the Seneca Nation. Quite a sweetheart deal.”

The governor’s new stadium won’t be a product of progress, Pagels said.

“It will be a monument to Albany’s vindictive desire to punish the Seneca people,” he continued. “Unfortunately, it’s something we’re all too familiar with.”

Pagels had issued a clear demand for New York State to begin Compact discussions with the Seneca Nation.

“Don’t use the people of Western New York as pawns in your obvious desire to destroy the Seneca Nation,” he said. “You have an obligation under federal law to negotiate a Compact with the Seneca Nation in good faith. Honor it.”

Indigenous Peoples

What’s Behind the Disparity in COVID Deaths for Native Americans? U.S. News

The risk of hospitalization from COVID-19 is roughly three times higher among American Indian and Alaska Native people compared with whites, while the risk of death is approximately double.


Some Lessons to Remember On the 40th Anniversary of the Malvinas War Resumen


Russia will view refusal of paying for gas in rubles as breach of contract — Putin TASS

Putin Signs Decree Ordering Gas Exports To Be Halted If Buyers Don’t Pay In Rubles Tyler Durden

German Chemical Giant Warns Of “Total Collapse” If Russian Gas Supply Cut Tyler Durden


Hundreds march in Ukraine in annual tribute to Nazi collaborator Cnaan Liphshiz

U.S./NATO war

Russia Still Awaiting OSCE’s Response on [Armored] Cars Handed Over to Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion – Envoy Sputnik

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine has not yet explained how its armoured vehicles ended up in the hands of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi battalion Azov in Mariupol last month

Mariupol: Municipal Authorities Fled the City, Abandoning the Inhabitants to Their Fate Internationalist 360°

Russian ministry says Kiev was developing equipment for delivery, use of bio weapons TASS

Russian ministry says Kiev was developing equipment for delivery, use of bio weapons TASS

Russian envoy points to proof of Germany’s military biological activity in Ukraine TASS

Russian MoD Unveils Emails Showing Hunter Biden’s Key Role in Funding Pathogen Research in Ukraine Sputnik

The Truth Will Out Fighting Words

A month has passed since the start of the Russian Federation’s “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine. The vast propaganda machine of the United States government, its military establishment and subservient capitalist mass media have been churning out the “official story” to direct public opinion into opposing Russia. Now it is being forced to admit that their story is a pack of lies.

Zelensky’s Senior Advisor Confirmed The Russian Defense Ministry’s Military Assessment Andrew Korybko

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