Tuesday’s news links – March 29, 2022

George Floyd Protesters in Denver Awarded $14 Million The Root

A jury found that Denver police violated constitutional rights and used excessive force against protesters during the demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd in 2020. The city will now pay $14 million in damages to the 12 people who sued.

President Biden proposed a $5.8 trillion budget that increases military and police spending NYTimes

Biden’s new budget ditches FDR-style spending ambitions Hans Nichols

Russia threat sets off mad dash for defense dollars Politico

China overtakes the US in terms of research quality, finds study Physics World

Indigenous Peoples

‘Ready to fight’: how a Russian uranium ban would threaten Native American tribes Guardian

Jesse Lopez, a dockworkers’ union official.


New Supply Chain Risk: 22,000 Dockworkers Who May Soon Strike NYTimes

With the contract of union workers at West Coast ports nearing expiration, the prospect of a labor impasse threatens another shock to the global economy.

Striking Sacramento teachers union slams district for rejecting invite from state superintendent Sacramento Bee

California nurses to stage 1-day strike Becker’s Hospital Review

Group of NYC cab drivers heading to Minnesota to protest investment firm that holds hundreds of loans on taxi medallions CBS New York

Ayanna Pressley Addresses Deleted Tweet Saluting Will Smith NewsOne

Maybe we should be asking more Black women who live with alopecia how they feel about what happened Sunday night.


US Embassy in China promotes Nazi-whitewashing Ukrainian organization Global Times

U.S./NATO war

U.S. deploys more troops, electronic attack planes to Germany to boost NATO’s fire power Anti-bellum

Ukraine: How and Why the War Was Fabricated Atilio Boron

Many Global South countries blame US/NATO for Ukraine war, not Russia Benjamin Norton

Russia not bombing cities in Ukraine as US and NATO did in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan TASS

US Seeks to Weaken Europe & Derail Russia-EU Ties, Russian Security Council Head Says Sputnik

“The policy of the USA has always been to prevent Germany and Russia from cooperating more closely” Jacques Baud interview

Historical, political and economic background of the Ukraine war

Petro-Ruble: Why Western States Will End Up Buying Russian Gas for Rubles Sputnik

Kremlin Threatens To Halt Supplies As G7 Ministers Reject “Unacceptable” Demand To Pay For Gas In Rubles Tyler Durden

Dangerous hypocrisy in action: US to respond in “in kind” if Russia uses chemical weapons Peoples Dispatch

Over Half of Americans Say US Will Be—or Is—at War With Russia: Poll Newsweek

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