Sunday’s news links – March 27, 2022

Don Cheadle ‘Protect Trans Kids’ Picture Goes Viral Again NewsOne

Black Tesla employees describe a culture of racism: ‘I was at my breaking point’ LA Times

Retail Union Rise Result of Worker Frustration Over Years, Experts Say Insider

Adams Says Encampments of Homeless People Will Be Cleared NYTimes

The Race To Save Melissa Lucio Latino USA

The war on inflation Michael Roberts


As a historian of slavery, I know just how much the royal family has to answer for in Jamaica Trevor Burnard


U.S./NATO war

Biden’s reality check in Europe M. K. Bhadrakumar

The unkindest cut of it all is that the Russian Defense Ministry chose Biden’s trip as the perfect backdrop to frame the true proportions of success of its special operation in Ukraine. The US and NATO’s credibility is perilously close to being irreparably damaged, as the Russian juggernaut rolls across Ukraine with the twin objectives of ‘demilitarization’ and ‘denazification’ in its sights.

The Battle for Mariupol is Coming to an End and Civilian Testimonies on the Crimes of Azov are Multiplying Christelle Néant

BBC correspondent shaping Ukraine war coverage is PR operative involved in “war-messaging tool” Max Blumenthal

Exclusive: BBC claims Ukrainian nazis are exaggerated – but shows video of Bowen with nazi unit The Sqwawkbox

Ukraine War Lies Debunked, by Ted Rall

Biden refuses to rule out first-strike use of nukes Daily Mail

Cold Reality Vs Nonchalant Talk of ‘Using Little Nukes’ Ray McGovern

Russia MoD exposes Hunter Biden’s relation with US bioactivity in Ukraine Al Mayadeen

Biden Slips: Calls Openly for Removal of Putin Ray McGovern

This will not end well. Among other things, it amounts to public confirmation, at the chief-of-state level, no less, that U.S. involvement in Ukraine (particularly since the U.S.-arranged coup d’etat on Feb. 22, 2014) has been “regime change” in Russia.

That coup has been accurately labeled “the most blatant coup in history”. The main orchestrator, caught on tape arranging for a new Ukrainian prime minister, was Victoria Nuland – now number three at the State Department telling her nominal boss Tony Blinken what to say and do on Ukraine.)

Biden Confirms this is World War III

The Oil and Gas Industry is Using the War in Ukraine to Profit and Push Its Interests DeSmog

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