Wednesday’s news links – March 23, 2022

‘We Need Action’: Disney Workers Stage Walkout Over Company’s Failure to Fight ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Common Dreams

Oxfam: Almost one-third of US workers make less than $15 an hour The Hill

Half Of Women Of Color In U.S. Make Less Than $15 An Hour: Oxfam HuffPost

L.A. Gas Price Hits $6 OilPrice

DiNapoli’s belated nursing-home audit the final nail in Cuomo’s political coffin NY Post

US Needs More Arms Factories, Says Chief Weapons-Buyer Nominee Defense One


America Is Zooming Through the Pandemic Panic-Neglect Cycle Ed Yong, The Atlantic

All epidemics trigger the same dispiriting cycle. First, panic: As new pathogens emerge, governments throw money, resources, and attention at the threat. Then, neglect: Once the danger dwindles, budgets shrink and memories fade. The world ends up where it started, forced to confront each new disease unprepared and therefore primed for panic. This Sisphyean sequence occurred in the United States after HIV, anthrax, SARS, Ebola, and Zika. It occurred in Republican administrations and Democratic ones. It occurs despite decades of warnings from public-health experts. It has been as inevitable as the passing of day into night. Even so, it’s not meant to happen this quickly. When I first wrote about the panic-neglect cycle five years ago, I assumed that it would operate on a timescale of years, and that neglect would set in only after the crisis was over. The coronavirus pandemic has destroyed both assumptions. Before every surge has ended, pundits have incorrectly predicted that the current wave would be the last, or claimed that lifesaving measures were never actually necessary. Time and again, neglect has set in within mere months, often before the panic part has been over.


US Recklessly Eyes China as Target in Economic War Joe Lauria


Larry C. Johnson: “The Ukrainian Army Has Been Defeated. What’s Left Is Mop-Up” Mike Whitney

Attacked and abandoned: Ukraine’s forgotten Roma Al Jazeera

In a country which suffered terribly at the hands of the Nazis during World War II, pogroms against an ethnic minority have somehow become commonplace.

The durability of Ukrainian fascism Peter Lee

Surviving Among Ruins: Life in a Donbass City Ukraine Says No Longer Exists Internationalist 360°

U.S./NATO war

US and NATO Allies Arm Neo-Nazi Units in Ukraine as Foreign Policy Elites Yearn for Afghan-style Insurgency MPN

CIA Director William F. Burns–Capo of World’s biggest spreader of lies and misinformation–is spreading the big lie that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was “unprovoked” MR Online

US is reestablishing a new Inquisition using Russia-Ukraine crisis as excuse: Global Times editorial

The US is reestablishing a new Inquisition, infamous in medieval Europe, and all who disagree with the US have been labeled “heretics.” And the US also wants to tie and burn the “heretics” on the pillars of international public opinion.

Yet, to the disappointment of the US and its attendants, although they have been clamoring that countries should take sides, they cannot cover the fact that they are still the minority in the international community. The US wishes that the whole world will follow it to condemn and sanction Russia, but more than 100 countries are not involved in imposing sanctions against Russia.

Cracks in the mainstream narrative on the Ukraine war wide enough to drive a tank through Gilbert Doctorow

Lavrov’s History Lesson – Germany’s Downfall – Russian Forces Develop Routine MoA

ICC Should Consider Designating NATO a ‘Criminal Organisation’, Says Former UN Expert Sputnik

US To Bring Back Pirates To Seize Russian Yachts Tyler Durden

What the ‘chattering classes’ of Russia are talking about: update Gilbert Doctorow

The American views to be demolished were those of the President and of the Pentagon commenting on Russia’s use this past week of its hypersonic missile Kinzhal to attack a military target in Ukraine. President Biden was quoted as saying that he saw nothing special about the Kinzhal other than speed, that its warheads were the common variety. The Pentagon was quoted as saying that the Russians “appear” to have fired their Kinzhal in Ukraine, which would be a wasted effort for the given target.

Nikonov’s guests pointed out that the target of the first Kinzhal strike was a “nuclear attack hardened” structure 60 meters underground and protected by reinforced concrete dating from Soviet days. Inside this bunker were Ukrainian missiles and other munitions of high value. In other words, thanks to the incredible energy of mass and speed, the Kinzhal using what they characterized as one of its weaker potential conventional, as opposed to tactical nuclear charges could destroy a target otherwise considered protected against a nuclear armed ICBM. Nothing special about this weapon system, eh?

It’s All Oligarchs All the Way Down Counterpunch

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