Tuesday’s news links – March 22, 2022

Black Man Shot And Paralyzed By NJ Cops NewsOne

Southern California grocery workers prepare for a strike: ‘We’ve walked through hell’ LA Times

Former Memphis Starbucks workers (from left) Nabretta Hardin, Kylie Throckmorton, Emma Worrell, Beto Sanchez, Nikki Taylor and LaKota McGlawn pose in solidarity after being fired out of retaliation, union organizers suspect.

Starbucks Workers Have Now Filed to Unionize at Over 150 Locations Truthout

Starbucks Workers Are Facing Down One of the Most Intense Union-Busting Campaigns in Decades In These Times

Over 500 workers at California Chevron refinery go on strike MSN

Canadian Pacific Railway shut down, workers strike Reuters


Jamaicans shun Prince William and Duchess Kate visit, demand slavery reparations CTV News

U.S./NATO war

Obama defense secretary Leon Panetta says NATO is in a “proxy war” with Russia MR Online

Civilians evacuate Mariupol and reveal the fighting methods of the Azov regime’s Neo-Nazis MR Online

Ukraine is brutally repressing the left, criminalizing socialist parties, imprisoning activists M/P

Ukraine’s Western-backed government has criminalized socialist political parties, while its Nazi-infiltrated intelligence agencies are hunting down leftists, accusing them of being too soft on Russia. This comes after Kiev gave state honors to WWII-era Ukrainian fascists who collaborated with Hitler.

CNN promotes neo-Nazi commander from Ukraine’s white-supremacist Azov regiment M/P

Top US media outlet CNN promoted a commander from Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov regiment, failing to mention his militia’s white-supremacist ideology. Azov then proudly shared the video on its official Twitter account.

Exclusive: Ukrainian Refugees Spare No Words on Zelensky Gov’t, Moldova Local Calls 1st Wave of Refugees ‘Oligarchs’ Toward Freedom

US’ Freeze of Russia’s Reserves is Alarm Bell for Any Country – Reserve Bank of India Governor Rishikesh Kumar

‘World’s Strongest Girl’ Responds to Schwarzenegger’s Message to Russian People About Ukraine Sputnik

CP of the Russian Federation, Hostilities in Ukraine. What is happening and why?

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